Pipedrive​,​ Zapier

Years of experience

4 years

Number of realized projects

1 project

I'm a PipeDrive & Zapier enthusiast​,​ I've successfully implemented PipeDrive at the companies I've worked for as a Sales Rep. First was a SaaS start-up with a mobile event app (~15 ppl. team) Second was a software development agency (~100 ppl. team) In both of those cases we were migrating from HubSpot CRM.

Professional experience

Account Executive (2 years)
-Becoming a customer advocate within Monterail and a Monterail advocate with our clients -Learning to understand the business of each of the clients and how the product we are building influences it -Combining the client’s needs and our know-how to figure out the way to produce stunning work -Supporting clients in the development of their business ideas (sharing insight, identifying potential risks, investments opportunities, market trends etc.) -Being responsible for closing new deals, coordinating negotiation, offer and contract handling -Managing all post-sales operations working closely with our production, BD and legal teams -Overseeing and maintaining the HubSpot CRM data quality -Sharing insights with the production team to improve customer experience
Manager Sales (2 years)
Meeting Application
-Identifying opportunities and acquiring new customers from 5 continents (Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia). -Working with global companies, often leaders of their industries - e.g. COTY, DHL, GSK, Santander, Samsung. -Preparing sales presentations, business proposals, tender documents and negotiating long-term agreements -Maintaining business relationships with customers and event agencies (up-selling) -Training new sales representatives as well as distributors, preparing sales manuals and training materials (e.g. sales playbooks, objection management templates) -Optimizing sales processes by improving the company CRM usage, automatizing user onboarding and improving retention (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Drift) -Representing the company during conferences, trade fairs and business meetings both in-person and online -Developing a new business strategy using Lean Canvas and Buyer Personas models -Working under direct supervision of the CEO, coordinating efforts with Marketing, working closely with Customer Success and Product Development.

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