Gregory Stefański

Pipedrive and Monday expert

Languages spoken:

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

Hi​,​ my name is Gregory and I'm an experienced Brand Manager and Key Account Manager specialized in product development and B2B key clients consulting and service.

Gained experience while completing numerous projects for clients such as​,​ among others: LG​,​ PEPSICO​,​ JTI​,​ DeLonghi​,​ PFLEIDERER​,​ WIELTON. Design​,​ production and implementation of POS materials​,​ fair trade stands and other sales and trade marketing solutions.

Last 3 years spent on developing Trade Fair stand building system - CUBE EXPO followed by CUBE GARDEN - pergola and terrace roofing system. Main goals and achivements:

- product development and marketing​,​

- B2B and B2C sales pipeline management: leads acquisition​,​ project development and closing deals and production and product implementation

- Cube Garden brand management​,​ sales and marketing planning and execution

- nationwide distribution development - building B2B partners network

In all above projects a heavy use of powerful sales​,​ project management and marketing tools is necessary. Among others my key sales tools are: Pipedrive​,​ Monday​,​ G Suite and Zapier. In marketing field I use: facebook and google ads​,​ mailchimp​,​ wordpress and social media fanpage management Facebook Business Suite. I'm also big fan and enthusiast of music and video creation.

Flexibility and ability to adapt to dynamically changing environment are key skills that helped me develop creative and effective methods and workflow.

I can help you introduce​,​ implement and optimize processing in your project management​,​ sales and marketing teams using the best applications available.


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