Ethan Wood | Pipedrive​,​ Zapier​,​ Intergetation​,​ HubSpot​,​ MailChimp​,​ Active Campaign​,​ Intergromat​,​ Asana​,​ Many other CRM's and App's

Years of experience

4 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects



Pipedrive Elite Reseller Partner. I've built 100's of Pipedrive systems from all different types of industries and company sizes. I have a proven 3 step process of Discovery​,​ Build-Out​,​ & Training.


Victoria Mortgage Bankers
Yribarren Family Farms

Professional experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Developer (4 years)
Build and Maintain CRM Systems and connect automations to help businesses operate smooth and organized.
Chief Executive Officer (3 years)
Art of Beauty Inc. | Bridal Beauty On-the-Go
Mobile Bridal Beauty Agency. Statewide. Trademarked.

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