Emre Güneş | Pipedrive expert

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

1 project



Expert in Pipedrive over 5 years

Professional experience

Consultant (3 years)
As a consultant to LIGMAN, which is a global player in architectural lighting with factories in the USA, Czechia and Thailand, I have been focusing on Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing. * DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: I have initiated and took the lead role in implementing many different systems within the company. The process included: 1- Defining the need 2- Selecting the vendors 3- Design and implementation 4- Training the internal parties 5- Defining the next internal responsible 6- Helping the new responsible with guidelines and best practice to lead other employees All of these tools/systems listed below, were low-cost, SaaS (software-as-a-service) products. - PIM (Product Information Management) - CRM (Customer Relations Management) - Project Management and Internal Communication - Accounting software to use within subsidiaries - E-newsletter - Automatic central signature management - Social media sharing and visual creation PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (PIM): - 250 categories, 3000 products, 120.000 variants - 10 languages - Deep integration of PIM with the web site (Daily synchronisation) - Fully automatic data sheet creation on different levels - 1.2 million documents to generate automatically - Semi-automatic catalogue creation - Management of 3 vendors, and internal teams with different sizes based in different countries * DIGITAL MARKETING: - Brand management: > Eliminated “traditional” blue from the corporate colours > Defined “Dark Grey” for Outdoor and “Yellow” for Indoor > Standard marketing promotional texts with different lengths > Logo usage rules and guideline - Social media: > Channels standardisation on @ligmangroup > Defining different content types and frequency > Designing the templates with image and text usages - E-newsletter (Monthly) - Automatic signature system where banners and information of each employee can be managed centrally from HQ
Co-Founder (7.5 years)
Ağustos Teknoloji
Ağustos Teknoloji brings “innovative technologies” to lighting sector in Turkey. In a very price sensitive market like Turkey, I've managed to secure important specification projects throughout my network of specifiers including (lighting designers, architects, interior designers etc.)

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