Zoho Expert​/​Developer

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

26 projects

Expert in Zoho with 16 years experience. I am the founder 2 Zoho Consulting Business operating in New Zeland​,​ Australia and Israel with overall 15 employees with accumulated Zoho experience of over 50 years. I hold over a decade of Zoho experience including 16 years within ERP& CRM. My consulting business focus on Zoho solutions only which promise a high level of expertise. We can customize any Zoho solutions (Zoho one) supported by a great team of Zoho experts. We also hold a very unique business model that benefits our customers: We video record all of the work that we do in your system and we share it with you. By doing so we actually teach you how to​,​ setup​,​ maintain and how to adapt your Zoho solutions to future possible changes. This coves all the customization in your system (besides code writing)​,​ which will usually cover about 95% your Zoho implementation. We won`t hold you hostage to use our services to keep your systems running! Please contact me to discuss your needs. Timely delivery to meet your submission deadline with a reliable service. During the 1-hour meeting​,​ I will do one of both: Fix any burning issue that you are facing (our first hour is free). Investigate your needs and provide you with an estimate to implement those changes. or If you are new to Zoho​,​ I will run a free Demo on Zoho One. Before the demo​,​ I will send you a very short questioner to get a better understating of your businesses need. Based on your reply I will demonstrate how Zoho one can be used to address your needs. I will also create a free 30 days account for you to play and try Zoho one and we would run it's basic setup together. In the first billed hour​,​ I will provide you with an accurate quote to handle the following topics: Help you to identify exactly what is going wrong with your Zoho Solution​,​ Identify the actions required to optimize your existing business process by increasing your user adoption. Suggest improvements to your business processes based on Zoho latest updates and it’s new functional features. Remove unnecessary information that creates noise in your system. Suggest automation in places that can increase your business productivity. Manage your communication in the most adequate and efficient channel. Track poor conversion or poor service. Even that our rates may not be the cheapest​,​ you will get all that you ever dreamed of. We always set the expectations in advance and deliver what we promised.



Professional experience

Alliance Manager Oceania (8.5 years)
Go Biz IT
Go Biz IT - a senior Zoho Alliance partner & a multidisciplinary, integrated software agency. - CRM architecture and solution design on various platforms: Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesforce, SAP CRM, Oracle. - Implementing Could Solutions to business in all sizes: from Small/ Medium till Enterprise. - CRM active trainer (virtual and or on-site).
CRM Architect & Lead Consultant (2 years)
Soltius IS New Zealand’s second-largest provider of ERP consultancy services and the only SAP Gold partner in New Zealand. - Promoting SAP CRM solutions as well as performing hands on training and demos while developing SAP Rapid Deployment solution. - CRM architect & Project Implementation leader at Fonterra, Auckland Council, LIC and other major customers in New Zealand. - Pre and past sales architect activities from both a technical and business perspective.

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