Crecias s
Crecias Shiburi
Webflow | Wordpress | Digital Designer
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Years of experience

5 years

Number of realized projects

11 projects

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About freelancer

Hello​,​ I am a UI​/​UX designer & Web developer based in Johannesburg​,​ South Africa. I have over 5 years experience in delivering end-to-end software products. I am passionate about creating meaningful and relevant experiences for users and helping businesses achieve their goals



UI&UX Design
This is a SaaS website which I have designed the User interface and user experience. I am also responsible of developing the whole front end and back end . This is an on going project, I am currently busy working with the copyrighter for the website content and the WHMCS Integration.
App development
Book A Doctor
This is a mobile app I have co-founded and designed. The app helps user to locate doctors around their area. This app also show the google map directions to where they have booked their appointment. Users can also book a ride to the doctor through the app.

Professional experience

UX/UI designer & web developer
Self employed
Years of experience: 6 years
UI/UX designer & web developer
Years of experience: 0.5 years
I was responsible for designing the UI/UX for the web and apps. I also worked as a web developer
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