Cor S
Cor Schutte
Integration / Automation Specialist, Business Process Engineer and Cloud Systems Architect
United Kingdom

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

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About freelancer

Business improvement specialist with >15 years experience​,​ last 5 years building integrated business systems and automated processes for global businesses of all shapes and sizes.



Professional experience

Automation Specialist
Years of experience: 6 years
Doing custom process automations that improve customer's experience and allows to scale your operations. Our cloud-based low-code approach allows for rapid process re-design and deployment of nimble automations that increase capacity, reduce costs, and establish control. Saving clients from inefficient processes, misaligned applications, and dead-end legacy business systems.
Implementation Specialist
Years of experience: 1 year
Helping developers build awesome products in financial services. Root packages all the hard things in banking and insurance behind easy-to-use APIs, so that businesses can focus on their customers.
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