Pipedrive ​/​ Woodpecker Expert

Languages spoken:

Years of experience

4 years

Number of realized projects

4 projects

Exams passed

A consultant by no means. A practitioner with over 4 years of experience in implementing and using Pipedrive on a daily basis in both product and service companies. I can help you set up the marketing and sales process​,​ arrange the flow of work in Pipedrive and integrate it with the required tools.


Pipedrive Implementation for B2B SaaS Company
Grenade Hub Sp. z o.o. / Primetric
1. Designing marketing and sales processes from scratch 2. Implementing and configuring Pipedrive for marketing & sales teams (sales funnels, customer success funnel, custom fields, reports & dashboards, preparing integrations with existing toolset, e.g. Hubspot, / Woodpecker, GSuite, Doc Management, Automation) 3. Ongoing maintenance / Adjusting Pipedrive to dynamically changing needs
Pipedrive Implementation for Software Development Company
InnoMesh Sp. z o.o.
Basic Pipedrive implementation : - custom fields, funnels, webforms, - lead/opportunity flow management, - reports, and dashboards

Professional experience

Co-Founder & Head of Growth (2 years)
Responsible for: - building sales, and marketing processes - implementation of new marketing, and sales tools - developing a business strategy
ICT Leader (2 years)
International Telecommunication Union
Helping young ICT companies, and startups build strategy, and processes to effectively scale on their local markets.

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