Andrii B
Andrii Bondarenko
Magento Development Expert
Zaporizhzhya, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

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About freelancer

Working as Magento developer more than 7 years​,​ my expertise includes front-end development​,​ back-end development and server customization for Magento




Enhancing Magento store's performance
A-Shop online store was based on the Magento 1, it contained numerous different custom features, which were slowing down the webshop, which meant the extremely low-level performance, and all that things resulted in the vast selling losses. Basically, the client came with the purpose of making his shop much faster, improving its appearance, and, as a result, boosting the sales in order to achieve their highest level. All above mentioned goals were successfully reached during the 1 year of cooperation and, eventually, A-Shop online store was practically reinvented, it has acquired a lot of up-to-date solutions, increased its performance and conversion it became pretty much faster and far more flexible in terms of customizing, it’s visual appearance was changed a lot for the better. After all, one of the main prizes in this case for us personally is the fact that the happy client hired us for support.
Magento support
True North Arms
Since the beginning of our cooperation, the main goal and defiance for us was the huge bunch of desirable custom functionalities on this project, which affected both general performance and abyssal system processes: changing the design of the product page entirely, creating a huge module for the new purchasing system and a couple of brand new tracking systems. Eventually, TrueNorthArms webshop at the moment has a gross amount of custom solutions,, which significantly increases its effectiveness and, what is not less important, our company provides 24/7 support for this project, including regular updates, improving of different functions etc.

Professional experience

Years of experience: 4 years
Client consulting Maintaining the project technical vision clear for everyone, from beginning to end Answering the technical questions that team or clients have Helping the team resolve difficult engineering problems Mentoring team members Deploying modern technologies
Magento Developer
SaM Solutions
Years of experience: 2 years
Working with world’s well-known brand shops, which are in line with CocaCola, Nestle, KFC, Henlkel, Nestle. Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x Backend Development: Adding functionality for existing Magento projects; Development new projects from scratch; Development, integration and modification of extensions; Development of portals for shops; Development of modules for interaction of different types of users; Code optimization.
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