Amit Sarda | Pipedrive - Insights​,​ Reporting​,​ Automation​,​ Integration

Years of experience

12 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects



Pipedrive's activity-based selling principle ensures that you can accomplish 90% of your sales goals by getting familiar with just 2 interfaces: Activities and Deal Details. These​,​ along with understanding Filters and Views in Pipedrive​,​ will make sure your deals are not falling through the cracks.

I will work with you to use all features that Pipedrive offers to address your specific problems.


Glide Apps Consulting
Amit Sarda
Pipedrive Consultant
Amit Sarda

Professional experience

BI, Analytics, Business Consulting, Glide Apps Certified Expert (5 years)| Be Nimble
Business Consultant (3 years)

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