Aleksander Dytko | Pipedrive​,​ Zapier​,​ Mailchimp​,​ GSuite​,​ Sales Nav

Years of experience

3 years

Number of realized projects

6 projects




My professional background includes experience as a Business Development Executive. I've been working directly with the clients and managing the sales team. In my freelance background​,​ I have experience working with growing companies helping them implement sales tools and build a process around them. I'm experienced in Pipedrive CRM implementation including Consulting and implementation and integration with 3rd party tools.

Below let me share with you my projects:

Pipedrive implementation for edtech startup​,​ Future Collars:

I was responsible for building CRM from scratch and connecting with lead sources and company tools e.g. Wocommerce​,​ Sales Manago​,​ Facebook. Finally​,​ I provided training and ongoing support for the entire team:

Pipedrive implementation for Consulting company - Autonomia Consulting:

I was responsible for setting up Pipedrive PoC and providing the training for a team:


CRM building
Future Collars
A complete CRM setup, implementation, integration and support for a local edtech company.
CRM implementation
RST Software Masters
A complete CRM setup, implementation, integration and support for a software house.

Professional experience

Business Development Executive (2.5 years)
RST Software Masters
As a part of RST Software Masters and Usability LAB I'm responsible for identifying and understanding business needs of my clients. Focused on projects, that are critical for customers to deliver value in short period of time. The solutions, that I offer are based on reliable technologies, to build highly scalable digital platforms. Expert in delivering personalized solutions in areas like tailored IT solutions, workflow automation and UX / UI services.
Business Development Manager (2 years)
Usability LAB

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