Alan B
Alan Borger
UX + UI Designer Webflow Developer
New York, United States

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

50 projects

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About freelancer

Using webflow daily since 2014 to design websites and mobile apps for startups.




Professional experience

Years of experience: 7 years
CLICK.BLUE is an international network of creative professionals focused on improving the world through design and media. From branding and strategy to user experience and interface; from multimedia content to graphic and print design; our team is ready to help your brand succeed in this fast-moving digital universe.
Founding Partner & Sr. Architect
Fábrica de Projetos
Years of experience: 6 years
As head of the firm, I´ve been responsible for the design, management, and construction of several projects including; - A 32.000 Hectare "Eco-Farm"; - Two Urban Renovation Projects; - Two ´Cultural Centers´; - A 6500 sq. ft. Beach House; - Four bars and restaurants; - The renovation of several apartments; - Public Housing Projects
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