Aaron D
Aaron Douglas
Pipedrive, Pandadoc, Zapier, Monday
Golden Square, Henfield, BN5 9DP, United Kingdom

Years of experience

10 years

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11 projects

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CRM set up
Pinewood Structures
As the Sales and Marketing Director of Pinewood Structures, Peter Keogh needed a CRM system that would help him clearly understand how the business was performing. He’s tasked with managing a team of salespeople to consistently grow revenue but realised that their current system wasn’t fit for purpose and was holding them back. Peter’s challenge was that they were stuck using an old and outdated CRM where it wasn’t easy to get the data he needed for reports and sales forecasts. Information and processes weren’t documented, instead they were landlocked inside of people’s heads. It was important for him to find a way to systemize the sales process in a CRM so that the team had a single source of truth. Pinewood Studios used my service to help get their business up and running on Pipedrive.

Professional experience

Pipedrive Partner
Years of experience: 3 years
Supporting SMEs through Implementation and Support.
Founder and Director
Gastro Catering
Years of experience: 11.5 years
Gastro Catering specialises in providing exceptional food and drink for high-end events in Sussex, Surrey and London. Every event is completely bespoke and created through intensive consultation at our headquarters near Brighton. Over the years, gastro has seen extraordinary development and growth, catering more impressive events for higher profile clients each year. Gastro saw demand from customers of all types from large corporates and charities, to high profile individuals and large luxurious weddings and parties. Gastro grew as much as 80% year on year until I sold the company in 2019 to focus on a my passion for business and technology.
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