Stefan Behrendt | Integration​,​ CRM and data analysis expert

Years of experience

10 years

Number of realized projects

11 projects




I support companies in being successful in the Digital Age. As a strategist and operative general manager of internet businesses for more than 10 years​​,​ I can bring in expertise in a comprehensive range of aspects of the times and industry. My focus is on strategy​​/​ organization​​/​​planning​​,​ marketing​​/​​sales and product management.

My work is guided by three key beliefs:

1. Being customer and technology driven

2. Developing a deep understanding of markets​,​ competition and technologies

3. Building a shared view and common understanding on strategy and implementation across the company through intense communication

This approach assures that plans are put into reality!


Vicarda: Extract contact-information from eMail-signatures
Product concept development, SaaS service launched.
Pics2Phone: Fast photo-download from Dropbox to iPhone
Product concept development, Pics2phone launched to the App Store.

Professional experience

Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board (2 years)
Managing Partner (10 years)

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