Matt Pliszka (CRM Consultant)
Mateusz Pliszka
Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupp
Wrocław, Polska

Years of experience

8 years

Number of realized projects

5 projects

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About freelancer

For the past 5 years​,​ I've been working at SoftwareSupp​,​ helping customers complete projects and hire freelancers.






CRM configuration
Trade Nations
Building a complete CRM structure, including: - Data structuring - Data migration - Sales process building and many more (please find more information in the link attached).
Complete CRM and outbound integration
I have collaborated with a NY-based VC-funded (+$6m in funding) startup on: - Building a CRM lead generation process - Sales team training and co-ordination (+10 people) - Analyzing and optimizing conversion rates and many more (please find more information in the link attached).

Professional experience

Customer Acquisition
Years of experience: 5 years
I'm responsible for customer acquisition at SoftwareSupp, helping customers hire highly skilled freelancers and run their projects.
Marketplace Specialist
Years of experience: 1 year
Growing LiveChat's positioning in external marketplaces. Co-ordinating key business relationships with e-commerce partners (Shopify, Magento) and initiating new partnerships. Setting up review collection processes. Comparative marketing.
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