Chirag Viradiya | Full stack shopify developer

Years of experience

7 years

Number of realized projects

30 projects



Expert in web technology with varioud technology. I'm specialized in eCommerce platforms.


Aureate Labs Pvt Ltd
This is a SaaS Application developed for the Magento and Shopify. It's a eCommerce chatbot to user journey. User can purchase products through facebook messenger chatbot. Unfortunetly it's died product due to not workable as compare as competitor
Insight Timer
Insight Network Ltd
This is the product based company. My role is to maintain the backend stuff and fullfilled the frontend stuff for the web side. and provide the microservices to maintain the android and ios application. Main fundamental of the app is meditation. either individual/group/company.

Professional experience

Software Engineer (1 year)
Securemetasys Pvt Ltd
Start my career at Securemetasys as PHP developer after one month of the trainning Cakephp. I'm working on the live projects. Total Experience is 1 year and 8 months
Senior Software Engineer (2 years)
Securemetasys Pvt Ltd
After spending lots of time with securemetasys. I'm upgrade with my skills and add more responsibility at securemetasys. Total Experience is 2 years and 4 months

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