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Start your project free through your dedicated scoping tool or use your hourly plan to get expert's support on the project you'd like to complete or the person you're looking for.


Connect with expert

We plan your project, connect you with the top experts in the field currently available for your work based on your needs and criteria, and estimate the work for you in less than 24h.



Once you decide to work with us and the expert, you can hire using electronic agreement and start your project, with quality monitoring system and project manager, included.

What you get

Reduce your
Dev & Labor costs

Save time and cash spent on recruiting and long-term contracts with agencies. We help you hire to complete the project or as a long-term addition to your regular team.

The best talent,

Save resources spent on identifying the best talent in the field. We recruit and verify top experts with the right know-how and provide the best expert or team for you.

Estimate and hire Quality Expert Faster

Get an offer for your project and hire a hand-picked expert or team in 24h. We deliver project manager helping you plan your work, sign legal agreement and run project.

Quality support, platform & Project Manager

Get quality support on road to successful project's delivery with regular NPS surveys and use a dedicated platform to monitor milestones and progress.

5 Key Benefits of SMS Automation

While other apps may be more friendly for longer conversations, SMS is the top channel for reach out with short messages.

Joao Martins

SoftwareSupp Customer Support Platforms Expert

Access verified and highly-skilled talent


ChatBot Development

I develop chatbots. My focus in Governments and Courts​,​ but I can develop a chatbot for any industry. Over 4 years of experience in total with more than 11 projects realized for customers worldwide.

View Steve's profile


LiveChat and ChatBot expert

9+ years running live chat and chatbots for 200+ SME and Enterprise organizations. Current CEO of The Chat Shop​,​ a team of over 100 live chat and bot experts across the UK and US.

View Joe's profile


ChatBot Expert

I'm the founder of one of the first five companies that took place on ChatBot's official experts' page. We build tailor-made chatbots for specific business needs. With our 10+ years of software development experience​,​ we can deliver the best turnkey solution on the market. We have expertise in all domains of ChatBot development:
- Conversation design with top-class UX
- Content writing and scenario refinement
- Personalization
- Custom service integrations
- Continuous AI training
- Testing and maintenance
- Full-time support for updates

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Chatbots & OmniChannel channel customer service automation

Expert in LiveChat​,​ ChatBot and omnichannel customer self service and support design​,​ development​,​ and configuration. I've spent many years working on designing​,​ developing and maintaining Enterprise-grade back-end applications. Now I get to have fun building interactive chat bots and helping customers use chat bots to improve the customer journey and help customers solve problems faster​,​ easier and cheaper than traditional customer service methods.

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Chatbot building, setup integration

Hire a Verified Chatbot Expert helping you automate your customer service and design.

Chatbot building

Build your chatbot to automate customer service saving your time on manual answers

Build a custom chatbot and automate your customer service saving your and your team's time on manual answers to current and new customers engaging with you on your website.

Mix automation with human touch

Provide automated answers when possible or transfer to human, when needed

Automate your customer service and transfer your conversation to actual human providing actual answers and bringing human touch to the conversation.

Automate channeling

Transfer communication to the right person or department

Channel your communication to the right person or department making sure you provide the best targeted customer service for your customers.

Integrate and parse data

Integrate your chatbot with software ecosystem, syncing and parsing your data

Integrate your chatbot solution with other software in your organization and keep your data in sync. Grow your sales with proper data analysis.

Hiring better, delivering faster

How SoftwareSupp compares to hiring directly, regular agency, and other platforms.

Work with top experts matching highest standards

We run the verification process for you checking on experts' skills, experience, identity and track record and deliver the best expert for you.

Project management support on road to successful completion

Use our project manager to ensure successful project's completion, secure data sharing and additional technical support.

Detailed estimates and offers for your projects or tasks

Post your project and instantly estimate your current project, integration work or long-term engagement in less than 24 hours.

Monitor ticket statuses and submit any additional tasks with 1h response time

Use ticketing system to post support queries with 1h response time or get instant estimate for larger integration work.

Schedule interviews, project statuses and consultations

Use our meeting system to schedule project meetings/statuses, interviews and consultations. Save time on setting up meeting times by yourself.

Process your payment securely using a safe escrow mechanism

Use a secure deposit to process your payment and pay only on actual work completion.

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Customer Stories

Customer Stories

Marek Zmysłowski

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

CRM automation and consulting

“SoftwareSupp and their expert helped us in complete software setup, starting with consulting guidelines, through more complex integrations ending with ongoing support. They are professional, know their area and are proactive. We co-operate long-term even though we have tech resources in-house.”


saved on in-house admin

3 months

project time

Read SunRoof Story

Customer Stories

Jacek Zawadzki

Head of Sales at JIT Team

CRM consulting and training

"I am very happy with the performed services and the quality of communication."


saved on CRM

1 month

project time

Read JIT Team Story

Customer Stories

Arek Terpilowski

Co-founder at Primetric

Website migration

"The delivered professional was an outstanding specialist, he delivered on schedule, was patient and proactive. The project was delivered on time and according to the specification which is rare in these types of contracts."


page speed

1 month

project time

Read Primetric Story

Customer Stories

Lauren Rhone

Director of Marketing at Diesel Sales

Zapier and custom integrations

"We were very happy with Zapier and Pipedrive integrations SoftwareSupp Expert implemented for us, it was a rather complex project that required parsing email data and they did a great job making it work"


saved on manual copying

1 month

project time

Read Lauren's Story

Customer Stories


Director Global Sales, Biotechnology Company

Pipedrive and PandaDoc integration

„We would like to thank Aaron for the perfect turnaround of what we've tried to accomplish. Thanks to his highly professional vision and quick understanding of our business problem we´re happy to now move in the direction we want to go.”


to hiring the right expert

1 month

project time

Read Customer Story

Customer Stories


CEO of the large-size electronics supplier

Pipedrive CRM implementation

"SoftwareSupp Expert successfully implemented CRM system for us, was responsive, proactive and willing to deliver business know-how"

60 days

to CRM implementation

320 hours

saved on in-house work

Read customer story

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