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Lead scoring methods - how to qualify and score leads

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Scoring: methods, benefits, and implementation. The goal is to convert the lead to a customer.

Carla Rodriguez

Certified SoftwareSupp Sales Process Expert

Marketing automation specialist or strategist?

Marketing automation specialist or strategist: who do you really need?

Henrik Becker

Certified SoftwareSupp HubSpot and SalesForce Expert

How To Do Marketing More Effectively Using Cloud Marketing Software

Results don't come overnight. Having the smartest and best-planned marketing strategy does not mean you will turn it into money the next morning after releasing a new blog post, social media campaign, or newsletter.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Productivity 101: Tips and Productivity Tools for Your Tasks, Email, Communication and Grammar

Nowadays, multitasking is perceived as one of the most important skills for success. This comes from the common understanding that the more things we do the more work will get done.

Pavel Naydenov

A Digital Marketing Expert

How To Monitor Your Competitors And 10 Tools To Help You

Staying on top of your competitor’s marketing tactics is key to be ahead in the game. This knowledge consists of both knowing what to track and how to be effective at it.

Razvan Girmacea

Co-founder of

5 best digital marketing tools to grow efficiency

We’re in the days of online marketing. This advertising world looks nowhere near similar to the one we lived in a few years ago.

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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