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5 min read

Is it possible to manage a business without a CRM

Maintaining good relationships with customers is a key to the success. CRM is certainly helpful with running a business, but is it necessary?

Carla Rodriguez

Certified Sales Process Freelancer

Sales Funnel for a Real Estate Network

A complete sales funnel completed for a customer operating a real estate network.

Giorgio Gnoli

Certified CRM Expert

Lead scoring methods - how to qualify and score leads

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Scoring: methods, benefits, and implementation. The goal is to convert the lead to a customer.

Carla Rodriguez

Certified Sales Process Freelancer

Customize Your Business Using Zoho Apps

When it comes to Zoho software implementation in your company, you'd like to have an expert in that matter by your side. What's more, to use all available functionalities and solutions and learn how to use them - you need a Zoho expert even more.

Divya Sundaraju

Certified Zoho CRM Freelancer

5 Key Benefits of SMS Automation

While other apps may be more friendly for longer conversations, SMS is the top channel for reach out with short messages.

Joao Martins

Certified Customer Support Platforms Freelancer

Marketing automation specialist or strategist?

Marketing automation specialist or strategist: who do you really need?

Henrik Becker

Certified HubSpot and SalesForce Expert

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