Extending Sharetribe Flex with backend capabilities

Sharetribe Flex is a complex, production-ready system for building an online marketplace. However even in Flex there is a limit of default customization that you can do. In this article we will explore how to push past those limits.

Filip Ogonowski

JavaScript Developer

How to Build an Admin Functionality in Sharetribe Flex

How to use Sharetribe's built-in dashboard for triggering particular actions for the marketplace? Learn more in this explainer article.

Robert Mazelle

SoftwareSupp Sharetribe & React Developer


7 min read

Creating the Marketing and Sales Technology Hub for Legal Company

How SoftwareSupp Expert Patryk created a tailored technology hub and connected Pipedrive to key business tools.

Weronika Masternak

Content Writer

5 Key Benefits of SMS Automation

While other apps may be more friendly for longer conversations, SMS is the top channel for reach out with short messages.

Joao Martins

SoftwareSupp Customer Support Platforms Expert


12 min read

The electronics manufacturing services house growing sales and automating work with SoftwareSupp Expert CRM implementation and integration

How SoftwareSupp Expert, Michał assisted a company in the industrial computing and automation industry securely organize customer data, implement Pipedrive, and use it to its fullest.

Weronika Masternak

Content Writer


5 min read

How Direct Air integrated Spotler and Pipedrive to maximize marketing and sales results with a Verified SoftwareSupp Expert

Direct Air is a leading supplier of air compressors to the industry since 1993, and are distributors for top brands including CompAir and Hydrovane.

Aneta Szotek

Content Marketer

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