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Customize Your Business Using Zoho Apps

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

Content Manager with several years of experience writing and building content in the tech industry.

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Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

When it comes to Zoho software implementation in your company, you'd like to have an expert in that matter by your side. What's more, to use all available functionalities and solutions and learn how to use them - you need a Zoho expert even more.

The benefits of Zoho apps

After deciding that Zoho can be appropriate software, you need to build an individual package of your needs. And this is where dilemmas begin. Zoho tools offer an enormous range of possibilities. The platform provides solutions for multiple fields e.g marketing, analysis, customer support, email sending, sales, recruiting, and many more. The application enables travel mapping, maximization of commercial opportunities, migration of email and SMS communication, controlling of sales, arranging meetings, as well as accounting and IT management. It can be a database of customers and a system for managing various sectors of the company in one place. Integration of emails and meetings can be configured with task automation. The marketing panel is equipped with generating reports and analysis options that optimize sales and marketing processes.

Zoho implementation may improve work and increase employee satisfaction

The proper software can provide you with automatic workflow, a great flow of information in teams, and adaptable panels. Zoho can be adjusted to your needs. Divya offers implementation and customization of tools for CRM, mailing, sales IQ, and social media. She organizes Zoho training for admins to use and configure Zoho CRM. Deploying the perfect CRM platform is possible only with proper planning and strategy.

Create a platform for management, and CRM campaigns for the entire company, for all its units. Verified experts will help you to personalize Zoho to the requirements. Managing people and products has never been so easy.

Verified Zoho Expert

Divya has developed experience with Zoho. She has been working with this software for over 13 years. In the last 4th months, she managed to introduce Zoho One to 17 companies. Divya has been working in project management for years. She has extensive experience in analyzing and creating strategies.

Additionally, she has proven to understand the task efficiently. We verify our experts which you can hire to deliver top-quality software services to customers from different regions and industries.

Furthermore, she cooperated with teams to resolve issues with product, service, or accounting areas. She can conduct training workshops and provide technical support. Over the years of experience, she has also learned how to successfully solve internal application problems. What is more, her work is based on managing projects from concept to completion. It means that she deploys the CRM platform’s structure and architecture ensuring it works seamlessly across the organization. Deployment is built on testing and analysis to achieve the most effective approach for the company.

Divya’s project at SoftwareSupp

In the latest project at Softwaresupp Divya’s task was to create a Zoho project for a sporting club. The application was intended to enable an easy flow of work and information and to facilitate communication between the coaches. In the created panel, the admin can sign a contract and obtain a signature from an employee. For this purpose, a function for sending documents has been created. The program reminds to renew the trainer's certificate automatically by the time-personalized option. The client needed a Zoho expert to help him develop an application based on his specific requirements. Generally, Divya developed a customized trainers base and learned the admins to use the Zoho Employee Onboarding app.

When the customer needs to implement new functionality, resuming cooperation will only be a formality.

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written by

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Manager at SoftwareSupp

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