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Verification and recruitment process at SoftwareSupp

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

HR specialist with several years of experience working in the IT recruitment.

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Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

Nowadays, we observe new challenges related to recruitment and verification processes. These relate to issues such as:
- remote recruitment
- soft vs hard skills assessment
- candidate's recruitment and onboarding experience
- recruitment in the fast-paced environment
- matching the budget with the candidate's expectations

These are especially visible in the IT field, where the mismatch between the talent pool and demand for a quality workforce is so large.

There are certainly many more and another big challenge is combining the recruitment automation with the actual human 2 human experience.

In SoftwareSupp, we've built our verification and recruitment process based on some of the challenges we've seen in the technology projects.

One profile, a lot of possibilities

By joining our platform, experts/freelancers get access to potential leads for the services and receive instant notifications about new job opportunities. They can apply for the projects matching their skills and experience. Everything in one place and time.

However, there are quite a few more things included in the package:

- Access to our marketing channel (want to write a blog post or case study? Feel free to post it on our blog, we will also promote it on our social media)
- Access to the dedicated platform, including meeting system, ticketing system, communication channel, collecting recommendations for your profile
- Access to our project management and support services

There are also quite a few more things, coming soon:

- Selling your service packages
- Collecting reviews for your work
- Embedding your expert and services profiles on your website
+ more to be released in the coming weeks.

So how do our verification and recruitment process work in practice?

Profile verification

After setting up your expert profile, the verification process is performed in 24h time. Once the technology stack and skills are confirmed, we focus on the portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and website to confirm your skills and experience. Without this, the profile will not be visible to potential customers.

We run the verification process in-house and you will be informed in case there is any additional information required to complete the verification process.

Once the verification process is completed, your profile will be presented on our freelancers'/experts' list.

Also, for entry-level experts (having basic level of experience, e.g. less than 1 year), we might allow to maintain an active listing to close your first job with the customer, shall they agree to work with you for the offered price.

Important 1! Only experts with confirmed/verified know-how in the specific field can apply to the related job offers!

Important 2! Increasing the number of materials/information/portfolio on your profile will increase your chances of getting positively verified.

Important 3! Having a LinkedIn profile or company website is not obligatory but might increase your credibility in the eyes of the customers.

Software vendor verification

During the profile verification process, we also check on the certification provided by the software vendor/producer.

An additional verification badge is displayed on the profiles verified/certified by software vendors.

Important! Our experts don’t need to be certified by software vendors but if they are, they are getting an additional verification badge.

Identity verification

This stage of verification is required before sending any offers to customers. Each expert needs to connect a bank account and verify personal details. A verification process is performed by our partner - Stripe (so this data/information is securely stored by the 3rd party, it is also used for escrow payment mechanism).

Once the expert verifies his/her identity, additional identity verification is displayed on the profile automatically. 

Important! Only experts with confirmed identity can apply for jobs.

Project recruitment

Verification and recruitment performed for a specific project might be held to make sure that the expert’s profile matches the project’s requirements.

This is mostly held on the customer's request, shall the customer needs to additionally confirm the person's skills and know-how in the specific area.

It can be an additional assessment or interview session with the customer and SoftwareSupp Project Manager. It focuses on: 

  • Review of professional experience in similar projects
  • Know-how and skills required by the customer
  • Any additional skills and qualification based on customer needs
  • Financial expectations 
  • Availability of the expert and the start date of the project
  • Timeline and scope of the project

Through the entire matching process, a properly designed expert and customer experience are what lets all sides (customer, SoftwareSupp, and expert) make a well-informed decision on whether they’ll be a good professional match. 

A customer can also schedule an interview/meeting with the selected freelancer/expert based on the provided availability.

You will find more information about our recruitment process in the upcoming blog posts, soon.

Why did we decide to create the verification process in this way?

  • To ensure the high quality of the provided services
  • To deliver a quality network of specialized experts for our customers
  • To focus on customer's requirements per project in the recruitment process
  • To create a fast-track for new experts/freelancers joining our network (initial verification followed by identity check and per-project recruitment)
  • To provide an opportunity for experts to present their skills, technology, and portfolio to customers

This creates a high-quality recruitment/verification process, ensuring the quality of services provided by SoftwareSupp, at the same time not building obstacles on road to joining our network, quickly and effectively.

If you are wondering, how to become a SoftwareSupp expert you can learn more in this article.

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written by

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

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