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Free vs Olark

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Consultant with several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

written by

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

From all the available live chat solutions, you came down to deciding between and Olark. Let me make this process easier for you by running a simple comparison between these two live chat software solutions.

We have recently reviewed both and Olark, so you can find the detailed reviews of both software on our blog and Youtube channel.

*Remember that all the reviews we make are independent based on our own experience with clients that use the mentioned solutions. We aim to be the most reliable source of choosing the right SaaS solutions for you.

Let’s get down to it!

Let me combine these two reviews in one simple battle of live chats here. The rules are simple. I will look at the following aspects of each of the software:

#1 User friendliness
#2 Value-for-money
#3 Integrations
#4 Design
#5 Features
#6 Customer Support

…and then give points to whichever does a better job.

3, 2, 1! Let’s start the fight!

#1 User friendliness 0
Olark: 1

Olark is well known for its user-friendliness amongst its users. Its interface is simple and easy to navigate which is definitely a pro for an operator handling multiple chat requests. On the other hand,’s users might feel a little bit overwhelmed during their first contact with the interface.

#2 Value-for-money 1
Olark: 0

Here the winner is obviously the parrot-faced live chat Comparing Olark’s free version for only one agent, doesn’t even provide any premium version and offers the whole range of functionalities for free. If you have a limited budget and a growing support team you would probably rather choose the free solution rather than pay $17 /mo for adding each operator to your live chat.

#3 Integrations 1
Olark: 1

This might be subjective, depending on what integrations you really hope for. So take a look at the picture below and spot the ones you are more focused on. Olark seems like a solution more suitable for bigger enterprises with their integrations of more advanced software like HubSpot or Jira. This time we give an equal number of points as both software provide the same number of important integrations.

Image for post
Comparison of and Olark at pickSaaS

#4 Design 0
Olark: 1

We are for sure more attracted by Olark’s look. So if you have a fancy looking website, you might be more convinced by the Olark’s visual taste.’s chat window feels a little bit old-fashioned in comparison to other live chat solutions but still, it enables a little bit more advanced customization.

#5 Features 1
Olark: 0

Image for post

We really appreciate all the features that has to offer for free. Ticketing system, user’s history, analysis, triggers, personalization and what makes this battle win — the mobile/desktop apps.

On the other hand, Olark does not deliver on some core functionalities which might be expected by today’s users like file sharing. However, we still need to give some credit to Olark here for their well-designed and extensive customer surveys.

#6 Customer support 1
Olark: 0 is a clear winner here as 24/7 is something we believe every live chat solution should offer assuming it sells its product on the global market. Still, Olark’s support is just ok as they target the issues rather quickly and accurately but’s professional approach to providing constant support simply amazed us.

What’s more, not only offers the support for you but for $1/h they offer outsourcing services of providing support to your clients at your website as well. If you’ve been wondering how do they make money offering so many features for free with no premium version, this is one of the company’s revenues streams.

And the winner is… wins this battle with more functional scope for the price equal to $0. If this is what you are looking for then for sure it will be a great choice.

Let’s sum up: 4 (Value-for-money, Integrations, Features, Customer support)
Olark: 3 (User friendliness, Integrations, Design)

Even more interesting information…

At our recent study of the most popular used live chat software in the 200 most noteworthy and best startups, we found out that Olark was almost 4 times more popular then

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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