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SoftwareSupp’s Hourly Plans

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Get an Hourly Plan and let Softwaresupp verified experts do the work 

Time is money. That is why in business, only time matters. The more you have it, the more you will do. More actions mean more money earned. Save the time and let our experts work for you. 

Getting an Hourly Plan is a type of contract in which we guarantee the delivery of a verified software expert to the client within 24 hours. What is more, during this time we provide a project management system available in the client's account. You as our client need to give us only information about your business and your expectations.

Starting cooperation with Softwaresupp takes 3 simple steps

Realizing a project couldn't be easier

The key thing is to contact SoftwareSupp and define the project and your requirements. At this stage, you also obtain an Hourly Plan and automatically have access to our verified expert base. Then, you are connected to a carefully matched expert. After accepting the project, we sign an electronic agreement and start working. The entire process takes about 24 hours. This means that a software specialist starts working for you during one day. What's more, the project is carried out with flexible working hours. In a time range suited to your requirements. It all depends on what technical support you require. Whether you need an expert for Pipedrive, Google Analytics, Shopify, Klaviyo, Magento, Webflow, Digital marketing, Saas Implementation, Javascript, CRM system, or just software training for team or consultation.  At SoftwareSupp you can also report and outsource the smallest tasks with an instant estimate. Could it be easier to hire a qualified specialist?

Softwaresupp’s Hourly Plans

Hourly Plans are available in three variants: up to 5, 10 and 20 expert hours. By all means, you can extend the scope of work by adding funds to your Softwaresupp’s account balance. The choice of package size depends on the project’s scale and your needs. SoftwareSupp Hourly Plans allow you to use even 1 hour of our experts' service. Hours remaining in your balance can be used at any time. Buying an Hourly Plan is a form of the deposit that triggers access to the platform. The hourly model of work allows you to minimize costs and guarantees the timely implementation of a project. The deposited amount is stored and secured in the ESCROW payment system. It ensures the security of funds and the possibility of reimbursement. It also allows us to confirm that the service provided by our expert is on time and in a quality manner.

The easiest way to get it is to contact us via form or by booking a phone call

Hire SoftwareSupp experts and let us help you choose a suitable plan, determine the scope of the project, and explain the monitoring system of the expert's work. It is worth mentioning that we also service inexperienced companies that have not strictly defined needs yet. In such cases, SoftwareSupp also provides technical support at the very beginning of cooperation.

Project- expert matching      

SoftwareSupp ensures the connection of a project with a dedicated expert within 24 hours. We guarantee the top-quality services offered. Softwaresupp's experts have been checked in terms of technical and social skills. A dedicated expert profile is available after the matching process with a project. Profiles of the specialists contain full descriptions of abilities and experience. A specialist can be matched by software e.g. Zoho, Hubspot, Jira, or by skills e.g. UX design, business analysis, e-commerce, sales. We have a wide range of people specialized in various types of software. You can find experts who will help improve the most important areas of your company. Within 24 hours, you can get top-quality service.  

Moreover, experts are selected not only by matching skills but also depending on language and demographics. By cooperating with SoftwareSupp, you will avoid costs and the process of looking for a suitable professional. Our database includes experts who have passed the verification of both identity and abilities. We have no doubts that the expert provided will carry out the project at the highest level. It would be enough to precisely define needs and we will take care of the rest. A single freelancer or even a software house is not able to provide such a wide range of services.

Monitoring and work's approval system

Each project created has its special page for communication and progress monitoring. Everything is in one place and available at any time. Experts mark the progress of the project implementation, which enables the client to control and influence the individual stages. Our experts know that fluent communication is a key issue. It is extremely important for the project's success and customer satisfaction. After purchasing an Hourly Plan, you get your system, where you can add a team, submit live tickets, add tasks. Having access to the Softwaresupp platform enables you to track the workflow and progress of the project with assurance the whole communication is transparent. SoftwareSupp is providing you with a custom platform, equipped with a meeting system, which you can use to discuss anything with your verified expert and ticketing system, to post support queries with 1h response time. The Project board allows you also to control an expert's working hours. 

You need to know that we care most about your satisfaction, so we constantly watch over the quality of services provided by our experts. We do this through weekly NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys and ongoing project monitoring. 

Hourly Plan’s benefits

  • Instant launch
  • Clear settlement
  • System for work approval
  • Continuity guarantee
  • Balance available for the whole team to use
  • Pay only for the value
  • Guarantee of the top-quality service
  • Possibility of a simple consultation or booking software training for the team

Moreover, no matter what problem you are struggling with. Thanks to our wide offer, we will be able to help you. Starting from CRM integration or Hosting integration through team training, consultations, and outsourcing of the smallest tasks. You will be able to count on SoftwareSupp throughout the entire project. Feel free to contact us at any time. Do not be afraid to give us a chance - it is possible to cancel the project within 14 days. Then, the secured deposit amount will be returned to your account. Furthermore, in case of any issues, we will provide you with a suitable replacement for your project so that it can continue seamlessly. The goal is to complete the project within the agreed time. Transparency and continuity of actions make you trustworthy. Right now you can check the electronic contract that you will sign while buying a plan. SoftwareSupp is a legitimate, registered company and takes full legal responsibility for any disputes that may arise.

So, save your time - get an Hourly Plan - and relax. The work will be done.

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written by

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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