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SoftwareSupp Blog Guidelines - Write for SoftwareSupp

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Consultant with several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

Our blog was created for customers and developers to inspire and educate. In SoftwareSupp, we allow our experts and partners to publish their blog posts/materials.

If you would like to unleash the potential of your work and publish an article, you can contact our Content Manager:

We promote our freelancers’ services based on their experience, the number of completed projects, skills but also on the quality of content they deliver to the ultimate customers.

Below are some of the benefits of submitting the content to SoftwareSupp publication:

  • Additional promotion of your expert profile in our platform and social media
  • Promoting your content through our marketing channels: social media, newsletter (+1k professionals)
  • Better visibility for customers, increasing chan

Content subjects

We publish content about the technology you specialize in, including tutorials, use cases, customer success stories. Feel free to submit any of the below types of content:

  • Guides/tutorials
  • Customer success stories
  • Research/statistics articles
  • Rankings
  • Reviews

We currently publish articles on the below software:

  • CRM
  • E-commerce
  • Website building
  • Analytics
  • Sales & marketing

+ any other software solutions.

Here you can find the content calendar.

SoftwareSupp advice:

  1. Remember who your audience is. Each part of the text must be consistent and appropriate to the target audience.
  2. The article needs to contain valuable content that inspires further development. Show your audience that development is key to success.
  3. Explore the topic and describe it in detail.
  4. Attach pictures. Screenshots related to the topic described allows the reader to understand the issue better.


  • Can I write for SoftwareSupp as a guest post writer/contributor?

Yes, but we only publish quality articles from experts/freelancers and partners listed at SoftwareSupp.

  • Can I repost articles from my website?

Yes, but only if it is quality content, you can repost them from your website. Just please be aware that we favor original non-duplicate content.

  • What can I write about?

Simply choose the topic which would fit into the structure described above. We’re a blog about software helping people/businesses become more efficient, grow faster, reduce development costs.

  • How do I submit?

You can submit your blog post by sending it to Please provide us with Google Docs files. Do not forget to allow us to comment on it. We will then add you as our writer and publish your story or provide you with access to our CMS.

  • Is there any guarantee that the article will be published?

No, we do not guarantee the publication of the article but we will notify you if there is anything wrong about the content you submit.

  • What are the guidelines?

Matching the blog’s topics described above and delivering quality, educational content with insight into technology/software. Also, we only publish +1,000 word articles, 2,000+ is preferable and +3,000 is perfect.

  • Can I promote my services/product?

Yes, you can promote your product/services if the promotion is done as an addition to the valuable content you deliver to customers.

  • Will I get a backlink?

Yes, you will be getting a backlink from the high-quality domain (+50 DR).

Wish you all the best in writing for SoftwareSupp and looking forward to seeing more companies grow sales and save time with the right software setup!

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Consultant at SoftwareSupp

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