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Sales process flowchart for workflow automation

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport. Several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Process automation during every activity of the company increases productivity. Automated workflow allows you to use the employee's work efficiently. Thanks to this, we save valuable time that would be spent on fulfilling repetitive duties. With so much competition in the marketplace, business improvement can bring you closer to success in your industry. Investing in technology that streamlines work can generate significant returns on your investment.

One of the main goals of implementing automation is saving money. After analyzing the situation, the cost of the implementation seems to be a mere trifle. A statistical employee spends 5-15% of his working time on data searching. After the automating system is implemented, the time is reduced to a few seconds.

Sales process flowchart to reduce the number of repetitive tasks

In each company in every industry, the tasks are varied. However, some of them, such as sending emails, creating contracts, keeping track of the calendar, sending offers, or searching for customer data- are common.

The use of an appropriate system or tool can improve the work many times over. There are many CRM systems available on the market today. We can distinguish:

Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipedrive.

One of our clients was looking for a Pipedrive expert with travel agency experience to provide initial consultation regarding a minimum viable product for a travel agency. They were looking to incorporate some automation aspects related to leads tracking, offer automation, payment system, and invoices tool integration. That is why a sales process flowchart has been created.

Sales proces improvement certified freelancer - Carla

She is a Pipedrive Expert. She specializes in sales funnel improvement and workflow automation. What is more, Carla has 15 years of experience in boosting and automating sales funnel. She emphasizes that she has a strong focus on user adoption, which is a key to any project's success.

Sales process flowchart

A flowchart is a type of flow diagram. It is created usually for graphically presenting the steps of the process. It allows recognizing the various stages of the sales process.

A SoftwareSupp client may wish to implement such a scheme. It is a helpful element in organizing the process in the company. Also, it can be used daily or when hiring new employees.

The sales process flowchart created for travel agency includes the following elements:

- automation of travel pricing - offers automation

- sending information about departures - emails automation done through emails planning and auto-response setup

- storing customer information and collecting bookings

- sales management

If you are looking for solutions to improve the workflow in your company, you are in the right place. At SoftwareSupp, we can implement full automation or individual improvement elements. Everything depends on your needs. After contacting us via the form, we will determine the scope of work and find a suitable freelancer. After creating a project, you will receive access to a project board for tracking a process or contact a freelancer and project manager. We guarantee the project implementation within an estimated time. Moreover, we ensure safe billing. Payments in SoftwareSupp are conducted via the ESCROW payment system. In case you change the decision, you may receive a refund of funds. Save your time and hire a specialist at SoftwareSupp.

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

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