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Why should you estimate your software work with specialized support?

Weronika Nużyńska

SEO-oriented Content Marketer

Content Marketer with several years of experience writing for SaaS brands.

written by

Weronika Nużyńska

SEO-oriented Content Marketer

Do you ever have a feeling that collecting quotes and managing work with freelancers/agencies is difficult and time-consuming?

Or maybe you would like to quickly find the right person based on the tech needs/skills and experience?

An obvious thing to do for software-related issues is to hire external software support to help you through the most demanding tasks and teach your team how to utilize the solution properly — someone with experience in the field. It may be an individual expert or a whole team and our goal here at SoftwareSupp is to help you estimate work and hire people with the right set of skills and experience.

36% of the US workers (57.3 million) are freelancers who work from home. They collectively contribute $1.4 trillion to the economy every year. It’s a 30% increase since 2016. (Freelancers Union)

And there area couple of platforms to help you bringing massive numbers of freelancers together offering you a wide variety of experts, but employers are often bothered with a couple of things. Apart from many low-quality freelancers and hard recruitment processes, they complain about the further work process — especially the lack of rules and support from the platform’s side and poor customer service.

Issues companies face when hiring external specialists themselves

No matter if you hire a whole super-professional team from an agency or a single freelancer from your network. Depending on the solution you choose, there is a strong chance you will come upon some difficulties. Based on the things we hear from the entrepreneurs and our own experiences, here are a couple of common problems coming from hiring external specialists for the job.

Difficult recruitment process

Carrying the communication with multiple candidates for the job, browsing through their portfolios, setting up calls — these all take time. To make sure you hire the best expert for your project, you often must spend a lot of time you would rather consume in some other way.

Long and unpredictable time of waiting for a quote

Freelancers and companies often tend to make you wait for their proposal for a really long time. That makes the recruitment process even longer.

Bad communication

Communication is not always as easy with contractors as it would be with your own employees. In some bad scenarios your questions may get missing, your calls ignored and the release time postponed.

Poor service quality

Also, with external specialists, you can rarely get a warranty about the quality of work. And mostly, if the effect does not satisfy you in the end, there is no option to get your money back.

Dishonest contractors

That’s an extreme scenario, but when hiring a freelancer with no real background and trusting him with the money, you may end up with no freelancer, no money, and no work completed.

Hiring experts in a traditional way has many flaws, there’s no doubt. Here at SoftwareSupp, we all heard or experienced some of the above situations. And of the need we all knew, we decided to come up with a way of hiring software specialists for projects and help companies from all over the world get the job done, nice and quickly. All they need to do is sign up at the platform and post a job. We take care of the rest.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. You submit a job listing on the platform that describes the project’s scope and the position you are searching for. As soon as your listing is published, we consult with our network of experts and send you a detailed estimate of your project in less than 24 hours.

After you get your proposals, you can accept it and start working with one of our experts right away.

For any project, we also personally suggest a dedicated specialist from our base, who has the best experience working in the selected technology.

What do you get when posting your job at SoftwareSupp?

Post your job

Submit your first job or support ticket for free, collect quotes, find the right contractor for your job, and plan your work.

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You get your own dedicated Project Manager

You never have to worry about the communication or the progress of your project. Hiring a SoftwareSupp expert for your job means getting an experienced Project Manager in the package. Say hello to the regular project’s status, milestones updates, and regular meetings according to your needs.

Access to the experts with know-how in a specific domain

We already know some stuff about technology, sales and marketing processes, and people. This helps us verify our experts’ know-how within specific domains and assign them to projects based on their know-how in the field.

Reduced labor costs

Hiring with SoftwareSupp, you can hire on-demand: part-time, full-time, or only for the specific project. Save time and cash you would spend on recruiting freelancers or having a long-term contract with an agency.

Get an upfront quote in 24h

Get a proposal for your project, get connected with an expert or a team that is hand-picked by us, and kick off your project — all within 24 hours.

Convenient ticketing system

The platform offers a built-in ticketing system that allows you to submit smaller tasks that need to be done quickly. Our team guarantees a response within 1 hour, taking immediate care of your request. Having a more complex integration or a consulting project instead? Submit a job to receive a detailed estimation.

Quality monitoring

To make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with their contractors, we monitor the quality of our experts’ services with regular NPS scoring, conducted weekly or monthly, depending on a project’s size. Our average NPS? + 8.0 on average. All of our experts must follow certain rules when it comes to response or delivery time. If cooperation needs improvement, we involve our internal tech team in the project.

Secured process of passing the access to your software

We believe that safety comes first. The whole process of passing the fragile data and access to your project and software is secured and managed by us. Of course, we also sign NDA agreement as part of every project with customers and freelancers.

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Flexible billing

As you get an upfront estimation for your development and integration projects, you won’t get surprised at the end of implementation. We offer a flexible billing system for teams any size — you can choose to pay per project or a task, omitting big contracts and settling for the tasks at hand only, or buy an hourly support subscription for a constant backup for your team. And support doesn’t have to be pricey — our pricing plans start at $999/mo for the whole company.

Your payment is safe and secured

Although you pay for the job upfront, your payment will be assured by SoftwareSupp's safe escrow mechanism and won’t get to the freelancer until he completes the job.

Wide technology range

You can choose from hundreds of software solutions these days and, to be honest, the choice can be confusing. Based on our experience, we will help you find the right technology stack tailored to your business needs, features, and sales model. And before the implementation, you can request a demo for selected software — you and your team will be the ones using it, after all!

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We love to share our know-how

Don’t have any time to browse through new software trends and releases? We will do it for you. Get regular updates on new technology trends and tips on growing your business’s technology stack so you could constantly improve your sales and marketing processes and grow.

Reliable communication

Hiring an expert from SoftwareSupp, you will get regular progress updates and a warranty of an immediate response to your notes and requests. We run the set of tools to support our freelancers when they work with customers.

Invite your team/co-workers

By hiring through SoftwareSupp, you get an option to collaborate with your freelancer within your whole team. Just invite another team member once you purchase the service with us.

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Legal hiring

Every expert joining SoftwareSupp needs to accept terms and conditions joining our platform. This includes respecting data security standards and transparent communication with the customer.

-> Learn more about our customer service and project deployment rules

For every project, we also sign a 3-sided agreement to secure each party’s needs and expectations.

When posting a job at SoftwareSupp, you get the reasonable costs, just like when hiring a freelancer, combined with the convenience of a professional agency.

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written by

Weronika Nużyńska

SEO-oriented Content Marketer

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