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A custom Pipedrive/Zoho development project for an online liquid store

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Project Manager & co-founder at SoftwareSupp with several dozens of projects successfully co-ordinated in the Project Management role.

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written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Time of the project: 1 month


  • Zoho Books integration with Pipedrive
  • Data migration script that would transfer entries from Zoho Books to Pipedrive
  • Automated updates Zoho Books based on deals created in Pipedrive
  • WooCommerce integration with Pipedrive
  • Custom reporting

Effect: Zoho and Pipedrive integrated successfully

Expert realizing the service:
Danny Nissani,SoftwareSupp Zoho Expert​/​Developer

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find software experts with various sets of skills. Our team will help you match your project with the right person. This way, you always cooperate with an expert who knows how to handle the project in the most professional way.

As SoftwareSupp, we support our clients not only in implementing CRM solutions but also in finding the most suitable professionals for their projects. The client doesn’t need to spend time verifying applications and comparing the candidates’ skills.

An online liquid store approached us with a specific set of tasks they considered crucial for optimizing their workflows. They needed custom integrations between Zoho Books, Pipedrive, and WooCommerce. During a video consultation, we mapped out the scope of the project.

The team wanted to make sure that their project will be completed successfully and on time. With the SoftwareSupp platform, they were able to choose the person that had the exact set of skills needed for the project.

Here’s how we assisted this online liquid store in finding the right expert and made sure that the project is running smoothly at every stage.

Project scope in review

The goal of the project was to develop custom scripts to automate the workflow. The client wanted to connect three systems that the team uses: Pipedrive, Zoho, and WooCommerce.

The project scope included:

  • Zoho Books integration with Pipedrive
  • data migration script that would transfer entries from Zoho Books to Pipedrive
  • automated updates Zoho Books based on deals created in Pipedrive
  • WooCommerce integration with Pipedrive
  • custom reporting

The client’s team had some specific requests and needed a person with both CRM expertise and experience in custom development. The technical aspect of the project also required coding skills. We needed someone who could write scripts and create automation flows. We also made sure that the candidate matches the client’s budget for the project.

Let’s find the right expert

To find the perfect candidate, we posted the job on our platform and reached out to several experts we knew matched the criteria.

We gathered applications from experts and carefully reviewed them. We focused on the proficiency in Zoho, Pipedrive, and WooCommerce as well as custom development experience.

Having reviewed all the applications, we chose Danny, a Zoho expert with 16 years of experience and over 100 projects completed. As he completed similar projects in the past, we knew that the task is the right fit for him.

Once we chose the right consultant, we introduced him to the client’s team. We split the project into 2 stages and started working on its implementation right away.

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The first stage included integrating Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books with Pipedrive. The goal of this integration was to create (or update) the record in Pipedrive once the customer is imported to Zoho. Additionally, any changes in Pipedrive deals should trigger data update in Zoho.

The second stage involved the WooCommerce store integration with Pipedrive. All new orders should be added a deal in Pipedrive and customer data as a contact. This stage also included creating custom reporting with Zoho Analytics, its integration with, and the dashboard setup.

Both stages came with precise time estimations, so the client knew exactly what they can expect.

Together we figured out all the project details. To ensure the highest level of security, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client. After that, they submit access to their CRM accounts, and we’re able to share access with the consultant working on the project. This enables the expert to work on the integration using the client’s exact setup. Thanks to that, they can be sure that the automation flow will run smoothly on real data as well.

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During the entire process, we were in touch with both the expert and the client to support them in case of any questions. We made sure that the consultant has all the details he needs to move forward with the work. At the same time, we contacted the client’s team to update them on the progress.

All stages of the project were completed within 3 weeks. Robert, who was responsible for the project on the client’s end, was content with the outcome and appreciated the smooth communication.

Developing custom solutions

At more advanced stages of development, many businesses want to create custom CRM solutions to further improve their results. If you use several systems to manage your sales, you might need a custom script or integration. Outsourcing this task will save you a lot of time and you’ll be sure that it’s done in the most optimal way.

The client’s team knew what they needed and wanted to find a reliable expert to develop the integrations for them. With SoftwareSupp, they saved time searching for the right candidate. They also got access to an extensive database of software experts. We managed the process for them and made sure that the project is always on track.

On the SoftwareSupp platform, you can find experts for even the most complex CRM tasks. Many consultants have experience with different types of software, so you can be sure that you’ll find the right match for your project.

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written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

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