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Partner's guide - How to lead customer communication in the sales process?

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport. Several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

SoftwareSupp's premium partner network

What is the Remote Partner Network all about?

SoftwareSupp is an elite network of the best developers in the IT industry and we want to share some exciting things we have in store for you. You can become a part of our affiliate program and receive a 25% commission on client’s life-time payment! All you have to do is refer individuals and companies to SoftwareSupp.

We are committed to ensuring that our best freelancers have a real impact on the development of SoftwareSupp, which is why we offer an additional set of benefits such as activity pay, mentor support and a set of training materials.

And because SoftwareSupp is a premium service, we want our partner network to reflect high quality standards of SoftwareSupp. That's why we are committed to building a community that is passionate about achieving its sales goals and happy to represent us in sales activities.

How to join the SoftwareSupp Partner Network?

  1. Join the SoftwareSupp network as an expert
    A freelancer who wants to become a SoftwareSupp partner must go through a standard verification and certification process to prove his or her identity and expert skills.
  2. Pass the certification exam
    Next, an expert member of the SoftwareSupp network must pass certification exams, proving his knowledge of sales and project management on the platform.
  3. Meet with your partner mentor and plan your activities
    During the meeting with the mentor, you will learn all the details of the partners' activities, define your sales goals with a plan, and he or she will be able to ask about all the issues you are interested in.


25% commission on each customer deposit

An affiliate receives a 25% lifetime commission on each customer deposit. The amount you earn depends on the number or volume of customers you bring in. There is no limit to the amount you can earn.

Guaranteed remuneration for active partners

Our partners are among the best, so we want to reward them for their activity and commitment. Each partner is paid for each meeting held with leads assigned by the SoftwareSupp team at their hourly rate if the lead doesn't convert.

Systematic training sessions

We care about keeping our partners up to date, so we provide them with the materials and courses they need for their work. We work out the scope of activities together and set the sales goals we plan to achieve.

Mentor support & platform resources

The Partner Mentor is here for you. The Mentor will answer your questions, help you with problems and support you during lead conversion. They will also take care of the systematic payment of your commission. :)

You can lead your client as a project manager

Partners also have the opportunity to participate in the client's project as an expert, implementing the project, but also in the role of project manager. This allows them to develop the client's project and provide further solutions tailored to the business - for which the partner is also rewarded with a 25% life-time commission.


What is the process of connecting and transferring the lead?

Option 1
Partner finds a lead and guides it through the process
Lead pays a deposit
Partner receives 25% life-time commission

Option 2
Partner forwards the lead to the Remote Partner Network manager
The Remote Partner Network manager takes over the lead and leads the sales process
Lead converts to a customer
Partner receives 25% life-time commission

Option 3
Lead submits form - SoftwareSupp business team activities
Remote Partners' mentor contacts a lead and introduces him/her to the process
Lead arranges meetings to learn about the offer
The partner holds a sales meeting, during which he presents SoftwareSupp services.
The account manager sends information to partners about the new lead
Lead is connected with a partner
Lead pays a deposit
Partner receives 25% life-time commission


The conversion process of a lead, what the different communication elements look like and what a potential customer should know.

‍Introducing SoftwareSupp

At this stage, it is crucial to present SoftwareSupp as an elite network of top developers. That is important because this is usually the first contact leads have with us. This message is the first information we convey, and it's also remembered the most. It's also a good practice to include information about gather yourself at this stage.

Premium service

Premium service is:

  • top developers who are vetted and certified
  • dedicated project manager/supervisor for the project
  • reduced recruitment costs
  • developers available on-demand: full-time, part-time, or hourly
  • access to the platform and its resources, which they monitor on an ongoing basis and commission work you also have the opportunity to add your team to the project

Elite developer network

Experts who want to join the SoftwareSupp network must complete a verification and certification process. It involves verifying a freelancer's identity and skills, through techniques such as research, bank verification, portfolios, and certifications obtained directly from the developers of a given technology and passing the SoftwareSupp certification process, which confirms general knowledge as well as soft skills in communication.

Payments and hourly plans

SoftwareSupp's escrow balance is hosting by Stripe. It allows our customers to securely deposit their funds before paying for services provided. There are $300, $500, and $1000 plans available - payment is possible in every currency. Freelancers and clients are billed hourly each month based on reported hours, starting at $20/hour.


Important issues:

  • whom the lead is looking for - what kind of project to complete or skills arerequired
  • the anticipated budget for carrying out the work
  • deadline
  • additional issues, e.g. a Polish client may expect a developer from Poland


At this stage, there is a presentation of the product and a discussion of how it works. It should also be an explanation on how to start the project.

  • Building the project specifications and setting up an account
  • Buying a $300 plan to start
  • Starting the work
  • Discussing the product: what the project will look like, reporting the work, billing


It is also the summary stage of the meeting. It is essential to set a date with the lead to establish a start date for the project. It will give us, for example, an idea of when to send a follow-up to the lead. 

! It is a good idea to include this date in the email summary of the meeting

A guide to reselling SoftwareSupport services for partners and sales

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

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