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Pipedrive and PandaDoc integration for a Biotechnology Company

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth.

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Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth.

Time of the project: 3 weeks

Scope of the project:

  • Integration of Pipedrive and Pandadoc
  • Product functionality configuration
  • Creating various forecast dashboards based on the integrated data 
  • Improving the comprehensive sales cycle management process

Effect: The client achieved his goal & the business problem was solved - thanks to the actions taken, he can save time when preparing offers and contracts for his clients.

Expert responsible for the service completion:
Aaron Douglas, SoftwareSupp Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday Expert

Customer's quote:

„ We would like to thank Aaron for the perfect turnaround of what we've tried to accomplish. Thanks to his highly professional vision and quick understanding of our business problem we´re happy to now move in the direction we want to go”

Pipedrive integration with PandaDoc for a biotechnology company

The pandemic makes it difficult to organize traditional "closures". Previously, during a typical contract conclusion, there was no problem with the physical meeting of the parties to sign a set of documentation including financing transactions. It can be said that this way of proceeding was even desired by some clients. However, the technology is developing & pandemic has further changed the point of view, putting more attention to the possibility of remote signing of contracts. But this is not the only reason. Every company is now striving to streamline, speed up and automate the most important processes. By integrating Pipedrive with PandaDoc, you can generate documents and e-signatures for comprehensive sales cycle management in one tool.

The biotechnology company offers predictive in vivo pharmacology tools for studying diseases of the human immune system, liver, pancreas, and skin. 

As a company providing specialist services, they do not have a closed list of products. The products often cannot be easily classified and the company has encountered some problems with documentation and concluding contracts.

The biotechnology company was looking for an expert to help them integrate PandaDoc with their Pipedrive account. The company also needed to configure the product functionality in the CRM system to enable the automatic inclusion of this information in documents generated by PandaDoc. The most demanding element was the creation of various forecast dashboards based on integrated data. Any old data over one year + (~ 500 records) also had to be considered.

Hire the right expert

At SoftwareSupp, we deliver software experts for very specific projects. The biotechnology company came to us with clear requirements and specific goals to achieve. They needed an expert in technology and business systems to integrate Pipedrive with PandaDoc and tailor it to the company's requirements. After submitting the project, they were assigned the most an adequate expert with the required experience and set of skills - Aaron (Pipedrive/ Zapier / API / Google Sheets).

Maximizing data security

Since the biotechnology company works on sensitive data, the customer wanted them to be particularly secured, so we went one step further. In addition to our standard terms & conditions agreements, which already secure the client's interest very well, we have signed an additional NDA agreement with a broader scope. Thanks to this solution, the biotechnology company was sure that the confidential information was safe.

Contracting, agreement, and payment

Once the expert was assigned and the estimate was provided, the biotechnology company team was able to quickly accept the offer and process the payment to escrow account. Work has started immediately.

When the project approval process on the platform was successful, the NDA was signed and the company accepted the terms & conditions. They’re the basis for concluding a contract, they could sign them with one click, no unnecessary paperwork. The biotechnology company received access to the meeting and ticketing system, which helped them to simply communicate and an easy way to track project progress. The system allows to add details of the project implementation - its status, priority, detailed description. At the same time, they started working with a dedicated expert.

Final results

The implemented solution was exactly what the customer wanted, based on their business goals and the needs discussed at the beginning of our cooperation. The integration of Pipedrive with Pandadoc will help the company and their customers to increase their work efficiency. Fast activity planning, advanced data analysis, simple integration with the mailbox, ability to generate documents and e-signatures for comprehensive sales cycle management - all in one tool.

Note: the customer has not agreed to share their name and specifics of the project, due to security/NDA reasons.

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written by

Aaron Douglas

Pipedrive​,​ Pandadoc​,​ Zapier​,​ Monday

Expert consultant in tech for business systems and growth.

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