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Free Review – Simple But Powerful Project Management Software

Kate Kurzawska

Content Writer

Content Writer, writing for TimeCamp,, SoftwareSupp.

written by

Kate Kurzawska

Content Writer

Content Writer, writing for TimeCamp,, SoftwareSupp.

Business world changes along with technological progress. It's inevitable as the two are closely correlated. Business stimulates innovation and innovation contributes to the reshaping of work. One drives the other.And only over the last decades, the increase in the use of technology in the workplace has significantly increased. It's visible in various areas and one of them is the implementation of business software. Project management software is one of them.

Using project management software is mandatory for most of the organizations. But it's willingly used also by small businesses, non-profit organizations, startups or even individuals. No wonder since it helps to optimize and automize processes, make communication and collaboration easier, and increase employees' efficiency. In our article on best project management software we described 8 tools helpful in growing a business. One of them was And in this article, I will show you and lead you through the software step by step to help you better understand it and how it can help you become a better project manager, no matter where and how you work. Let's go!

What is monday and how to use it?

Monday was founded in 2012 and launched as an independent startup in February 2014. The company's mission is "creating a workplace environment of transparency, ownership, and accountability, to empower managers and their teams."  Today the software is used by 350,000 people, from 76 countries, in 40,000 teams. Software - 2020 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

->Try out for 14-days free

monday is categorized as a project management software that can be used by any type of team operating in any industry. There are no limits as to who and how can use it. Among organizations who use it you can find Discovery Channel,, or wework. It's suitable for small and large teams. The pricing largely varies depending on the number of people in your team. You can choose from 4 variants:

  • Basic, starting from $25/month
  • Standard, starting from $39/month
  • Pro, starting from $59/month
  • Enterprise, starting from $118/month

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan any time you want without any consequences. And if you're not sure which plan to choose, you can simply contact monday Support Team. And to get the most out of the tool, monday has a knowledge base full of helpful articles. You will find all information on the basics to the most advanced features offered by monday. You can also check their video tutorials if you prefer a guide in the visual form.They even offer the assistance of their local partner to help you onboard your team (which in my opinion is not necessary, monday is really easy-in-use). You can choose from various locations in North America, South and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

They allow you to get help all over the globe. That's something not many software providers offer.The software is a cloud-based platform which may concern some in terms of privacy. But monday assures that your data is safe with them. They are GDPR compliant, have ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27018:2014 certifications, and SOC2 Type II security certification. Therefore, you can be sure that your data is protected on the highest level.

That's monday, project management, collaboration, team management software. Let's see what you can do with it.

How does it all work?

Setting up an account on monday is as easy as pie. You simply have to provide an email and a password. Then you receive a confirmation code (security on the highest level indeed!) and can begin the full process of creating an account. I'm going to show you what you can do with monday step by step.

Registering to software

I decided to choose a free trial to see how monday works and whether it meets my expectations. I am asked how large my team is (for now I am choosing 'only me') and what I want to manage. From the available options, I'm opting for 'to-do's & lists.'  You can also choose projects for clients, internal projects, sales & CRM, product roadmap & backlog, agile development, orders & production, HR & recruiting, and others which you can specify.

This is useful as it helps to orient you on what exactly you want to do with the software. However, at this stage, you cannot choose several options which is a slight disadvantage for those who want to use monday to manage a wide scope of areas in an organization.

Now that I have decided what I want to manage, I can invite team members. But I'll do it later as I want to discover the secrets of monday and all its features before I onboard my team, simply to help them get accustomed to the app.

One event schedule template customizable to all your needs (free) templates

To get started, monday tells me to create a new board. I can choose from 78 available templates divided into 15 categories including marketing, content production, education, HR, startup, project management, and others. The list is quite impressive and there are many options to choose from. It's convenient. And so I go for A Single Project. I am going to create a board for my team of 5 people. But I'll go back to that later.After choosing the template, I have a general overview of the interface and the main board. It all looks very neat and transparent so I can easily move around. Additionally, in the right bottom of the window, monday displays a miniature of a video - a short tutorial for those who don't know how to use it.I have already set up the basics. So let's now uncover the secrets of monday!

Moving around monday

I'll go through every part of monday to get to know all its features.The left side of the screen shows a panel with two tabs, Inbox and My Week. The latter is divided into Boards where I can access all my projects. And that's what all my activity will focus on. At first glance, I can see that moving around monday will not take much effort. Everything is accessible from the level of the main view, which is important because I don't have to dig into the tool in search of a particular feature.

Top Features of Easy Project Management Software - interface

In the top right corner, I can play with setting and as an admin customize them as needed. I can upgrade plan, complete profile, manage my team, look into the keyboard cheat sheet (very useful feature) to move faster around the platform or integrate monday with other tools.

Boards & team management

Now let's go back to boards, the center of team management. I chose a Single Project board for my team. I can change the board's name, add board description, and set overall preferences.

The board is divided into three sections, each for members working on different aspect of the project. In my case, it's Design, R&D, and Marketing.

Our Platform | customization

And here's where all the fun starts! monday gives me the flexibility to manage every detail of a project. To every task, the so-called 'pulse' on the board, I can attribute columns with detailed information about the task:

  • add, remove and change task name,
  • create conversations to which I can attach files, add notes and Q&As,
  • assign an owner of the task and people who work on it,
  • set status based on my preferences (color, name),
  • set a moveable timeline which I can see in a fancy calendar view,
  • add tags and numbers.

But that's not all. To every project, I can 'Add View.' This is a great feature which helps to visualize a project and precisely see every information about it. And so I can add the following:

  • files view to easily access all files uploaded by my team,
  • map,
  • charts to visually present data,calendar to see every date from board,
  • forms to make a form out of a board,
  • broadcast view to share the boards,
  • and kanban view.

Now that I have created a detailed plan for my project and visualized, it's time to invite my team. That was easy!

What else you should know about monday

Beside its main attribute of creating and managing boards, the software offers other, smaller but noteworthy features. It's good to know them all to use the app to the maximum and get the best out of it:

  • desktop app for Mac and Windows,
  • mobile app,
  • BoltSwitch, to search and navigate boards instead of scrolling down (a great feature if your team has billions of boards!),
  • importing and exporting files to Excel,
  • batch edit the timeline column.
Our Platform | mobile application

To stay updated with the latest developments I recommend following monday blog.

One more thing worth mentioning is integrations. For example, you can integrate monday with Slack. Whenever there's a change in a project, you get a notification on Slack. Integration with Jira allows you to convert your product roadmap from monday into Jira tasks and track progress of development phases with your team and clients. Another one is integration with Trello thanks to which you can upload boards on Trello and monday simultaneously.

You can also build or set up a custom integration.Still, Monday's integrations are quite limited. So, if you'd like to connect it with some of the other software you're already using, you'd need to use a tool like Integromat to support you.

Don't forget that monday's free trial ends after 14 days so if you want to keep using the software, you need to opt for a paid plan.

How can monday help your business?

As I mentioned, monday can be used by teams working in any type of industry and looking at the templates available in the software, its creators had it in mind when developing the software.

So how can monday with its features help your business? How can you use it to enhance processes and make the software an integral part of your work? Here are some examples to give you inspiration:

1. Let's say you run a company providing services and want to collect leads on a website and manage them later internally as projects. You can create a simple form using “Monday forms” functionality to collect the leads, which then display on the board and can be managed internally by the team.

2. At we use monday to schedule content marketing. On one board our entire team can see what content we're working on, who's the assignee, what's the deadline and the progress. The Gantt chart gives us a clear picture of the level of works.

3. Let's say you'd like to run a poll within your company or among your customers. You can easily set up votes for specific items to learn about the items preferred by other board members.

Track production process and orders status in orders' delivery

There are just so many ways in which monday can help your business. You just have to know how and what for you want to use the tool.

Final thoughts

Monday is a project management software worth recommending. It can largely enhance planning and scheduling. It also combines features of communication and collaboration tool which helps to maintain a unified communication channel for your team.

With monday you can store all the important information in one place. It's easily accessible, manageable, and safe.However, the software might not necessarily meet the needs of managers who have high expectations from project management software.

Unfortunately, it lacks some advanced features used in complex project management such as cross-project reporting, budgeting, payroll, issue management or time tracking.

Nevertheless, monday in its current form is almost flawless and you can see that its creators are doing a hard job to keep it that way. I think it's the right software for everyone who wants to keep track of tasks and projects of the entire team with attention to detail.

With monday you'll never miss any deadline!

monday pros:

  • Extremely easily customizable
  • Easy onboarding, no training required
  • Extensive task management features
  • It's easy to move around the tool

monday cons:

  • Quite expensive to use individually
  • Limited integrations
  • No cross-project reporting, budgeting, payroll, issue management or time tracking.
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written by

Kate Kurzawska

Content Writer

Content Writer, writing for TimeCamp,, SoftwareSupp.

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