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Integromat Not Working? Here are Three Common Mistakes

Andy O'Neil

Certified Integration Expert

Business Automation Architect with 10+ years of experience.

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written by

Andy O'Neil

Certified Integration Expert

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If you’ve landed here on this blog post, then you’ve probably run into some troubles getting your Integromat scenarios working properly

If that describes you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I’ll provide you with three of the most common struggles I see when working with my Integromat clients.

1. Integromat Not Working Because of Filters

Probably the most common issue I see when working with clients on their Integromat scenarios (what we call the automated processes in Integromat) is a misunderstanding of how filters work.

Filters are a handy tool that allow you to control and limit the data flow through your Integromat scenario. Filters are a tool that allows a user to reduce or limit what data flows through your scenarios.

For instance, you might want to only process emails in your scenario that have the word “invoice” in the subject line.

Here are some example Integromat filters:

  • Subject contains “Invoice”
  • Subject ends with “Invoice”
  • Subject Begins With “Invoice”

Of the above examples, if any of these are true, then the email subject line you are evaluating will pass through your filter.

Filters must be TRUE to pass data. If the result of the filter query is FALSE, then your data will not pass.

2. Integromat Not Working Because of Triggers

There are two types of Integromat Triggers:

  1. Scheduled Triggers
  2. Instant Triggers (Webhooks)

Scheduled Integromat Triggers

Scheduled triggers run at intervals according to the schedule you specify in your scenario, such as every 5 minutes, every hour, every Monday, once a month, etc. If you’re scenario isn’t running as planned, take a close look at your scheduling settings.

Instant Integromat Triggers

Instant triggers, also known as webhooks, can trigger your scenario immediately after data is received from a cloud-based service. Instant triggers are helpful, because they can greatly reduce the number of operations used (because they only run when data is available). If you’re webhook isn’t running, then make sure the service sending data to your webhook is indeed sending data.

3. Integromat Not Working Because of a Lack of the Connection I Need

Unfortunately, Integromat doesn’t have every integration that other platforms (such as Zapier) have available. If you don’t see the app you need on the Integromat platform, there are a couple of options.

Connect to Your App With Integromat’s HTTPS Module [Higher-Tech Option)]

One of the many great features of Integromat is the ability to connect almost any web service to your scenario. Doing so requires a bit more technical know-how, but once you master this skill it can be a powerful tool.

Connect to Your App With Zapier [Lower-Tech Option]

When it comes to Zapier and Integromat, the performance winner is Integromat (hands down), however Zapier is the winner when it comes to the number of apps available to integrate. Many businesses I know keep a basic Zapier plan for it’s ability to connect to apps, but sends the data from Zapier to Integromat to handle the bulk of the workflow automation.

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written by

Andy O'Neil

Certified Integration Expert

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