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How to Become a SoftwareSupp Expert?‍

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

HR specialist with several years of experience working in the IT recruitment.

written by

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

You may probably not know that SoftwareSupp is a network of +250 software experts from 4 continents and still growing. We work with experts skilled in Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, Shopify, and many more. How can you join our network? It is easy to start. Apply, fill in your profile, and get verified. Then, get access to potential leads for your services, receive instant notifications about new job offers available, and apply for the ones matching your skills and experience. 

Let me show you the process of how we match you with the role that best suits your potential.

Registration and profile submission

The only thing you need to do is to set up your profile and get verified in 24h. Creating your profile can be as short as 1 minute. In your profile, you can present your technology stack and skills to potential customers. You can add your portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and website to improve credibility and increase chances of closing new deals.

Verification process

We verify the information provided in your profile, cross-checking on your social profiles and projects. We focus on confirming your skills, portfolio, and experience. If we're not able to confirm your experience, you might need to go through additional verification, assessment, and/or interview.

To apply for job offers, you will also need to go through the identity confirmation process.

Learn more about our verification process, here.

Important! You don't need to be certified by a software vendor to go through our verification process (we have our verification process in place) but if you are, you will get an additional verification badge.

Marketing and project matching

After the profile’s verification, we promote it in our social media/newsletter and match you with currently available projects. You can also provide materials you'd like to promote through our channels such as blog posts/case studies. You can find our stories and content on our blog.

Get projects as SoftwareSupp expert

Applying for a job

We publish job offers on the platform and send you an email notification about details: timeline, scope, sending proposal deadline. You can apply for a job sending information about your experience in similar projects, availability, projects estimation, and financial expectations. As a software expert, you should be able to provide business and/or technical support in selected technology. We will confirm your experience before sending your offer to a client. Regardless of the client's feedback, you will receive the confirmation that the project was approved or the information that the offer was declined. 

Matching process

We match you with available job offers by sending you email notifications about new projects in the area of your expertise, we might also send you a personal message whenever a new project is available specifically for your profile.

Proposal completed

As SoftwareSupp, we send information to the customers about the offers' summary and they can decide to engage with you and/or ask for more questions.


Sometimes the client wants to know experts before making the final decision. Thanks to the meeting system they can arrange an interview with you. If needed, we assist during the interviewing process. For selected projects, we also run additional recruitment and verification.

Contract and payment

All of the work at SoftwareSupp is based on an agreement and NDA between the client, SoftwareSupp, and a freelancer. You do not need to worry about paperwork. Moreover, we offer a flexible and safe billing system for any kind of project. 

Welcome on board!

We run a project kick-off to introduce you to the client. You will be invited to regular status updates with the PM to make sure that the project is on the right way or to react in any emergency cases. 

Project workflow

We also provide project management service and support to help you finish the project successfully. We help you manage tasks and backlog to deliver the solutions in time. We recommend tools to track the project progress. Everything is to help you and the client effectively communicate and collaborate.

Secure access sharing

We provide a way to submit access to software solutions with our support. We intermediate in the process, making sure the customer's data is secure and allowing you to collect data from the customer faster and easier.

Ticketing system

For all projects we run, we provide a ticketing system helping you communicate with the customer in an organized and efficient way. With the ticketing system in place, you can submit support tickets to be handled by our internal team. Customers will also be able to submit their support queries using tickets to be solved by you. By using the ticketing system, you also make sure that your work is stored and can be reported to the customer.

Evaluation and NPS score

We do like any kind of feedback, so we send our NPS questionnaire regularly. We want to also know your feedback to improve our service and approach to work after the project. Transparent communication is more than welcome!

Want to see how a perfect profile looks like? Check the profile of Marek, one of our CRM Consultants.

If you have any questions, please see our landing page: or not hesitate to contact us.

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written by

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

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