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HelpCrunch Review: A Multi-Channel Communication Center for Your Online Business

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport. Several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Discovering HelpCrunch was nothing very different from finding other live chat solutions. While I was browsing the website of one of our partners - SE Ranking a few months ago, I noticed a distinctive chat icon I haven't seen before. An engaging chat window popped up, prompting me to start a conversation whenever I have any questions. Haven't seen this one, earlier when researching other live chat solutions but we were too busy at the time to look into the tool in more details.

So after meeting Daniil, HelpCrunch's marketing manager recently and seeing the software's design and features develop really well, we decided to give the tool a try. With so many live chat solutions out there, I'm pretty sure the review will be helpful in finding the best communication software to grow your businesses.

Easy installation

Installing HelpCrunch at your website, online store is as simple as any other live chat solution. It's simply copying and pasting a piece of code and in case of our testing pickSaaS platform, it was smooth and easy. Within a few seconds we had a HelpCrunch's live chat plugin set up on our website.

How to install HelpCrunch on your website
Installing and integrating HelpCrunch

You can also integrate HelpCrunch with some of the e-commerce platforms and website builders, however you need to be aware that the software offers only 2 plugin integrations (WordPress and Magento). To install HelpCrunch at Shopify or Squarespace, HelpCrunch will provide you with the tutorial on adding its code to the platform.

What I found really nice about HelpCrunch was that it offered a built-in settings option to add its solution to your company's iOS or Android application. So if you'd like to communicate with people using your mobile app, HelpCrunch will definitely be of use here.

Chatting with customers at your website

HelpCrunch's main feature offers a live chat communicator installed at your website, letting you chat with your visitors in real-time. After starting a chat by a visitor, HelpCrunch provides you with a visitor's insight, including the number of visits, visitor's country, browsed pages or conversation history. This can be very helpful to target the visitor with the personalized messages depending on his activity on the website.

These messages can also be automated but we'll look into this in the later part of the review. HelpCrunch provides a wide variety of standard but useful features for real-time communication, like conversation notes, discreet communication between agents, emojis, file sharing or finally, simple satisfaction measure, letting you check on the customer's satisfaction after the conversation.

Collecting feedback via HelpCrunch

Automated, multi-communication center

HelpCrunch doesn't work solely as a live chat communication tool. It's targeted at businesses looking for a way to streamline their communication using one application. Within HelpCrunch, you will be able to respond to customer queries either by live chat or by email.

Wondering how is the tool going to collect an email address from the visitor? This can be done using a pre-chat survey available to your visitors, so the visitor would need to fill in the survey before he starts the conversation to make sure you have his email address in place. Unfortunately, there is no option to automatically capture the visitor's email while chatting, so we're looking forward to seeing this included some day in the near future.

After collecting the visitor's information or having a chat conversation, the software provides you with a quick access to all your contacts in the "Contacts" tab.

Help Desk | HelpCrunch
Contacts' list within HelCrunch

What I like about HelpCrunch is that the communication within both live chat and email channels can be easily automated using auto messages, triggered depending on custom factors like the pages they visited or the time they haven't been visiting our website. So if you'd like to send the automated follow-up email message to the chat participants, HelpCrunch will be of huge help in automating your work.

HelpCrunch Alternatives and Similar Apps and Websites -
Automated email and chat messages in HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch can also act as a ticketing system for your business, letting you divide your cases as open/pending/rejected. This can be helpful if you have quite a large IT support team in place for your customers and would rather handle cases later

Basic reporting to analyze your data

HelpCrunch provides very basic statistics about your chats. Using its performance report, you can measure what's your agents' average first response time or time needed to close a case. It will also provide you with the analytical data related to feedback measurement, letting you estimate your agents' impact on customers' satisfaction. The reporting functionality is still quite limited, so we're looking forward to seeing this area of the software develop further.

HelpCrunch Experts - LTVplus
HelpCrunch statistics about the chats, conversations, satisfaction

Personalizing and customizing your communication experience

I was quite surprised with the number of settings HelpCrunch offers its users in personalizing their live chat and communication experience. It lets you customize the chat window to match your brand's style or set up a pre-chat survey to collect the data from your customers before the chat starts. You'd also be able to set up automated operating hours of your agents so that you don't appear as available for a chat by mistake.

HelpCrunch delivers: new tweaks for messaging and communication management
HelpCrunch's chat window and pre-chat survey customization

HelpCrunch will also let you set up departments for your agents and direct the conversations to a specific group of agents, depending on the query. You also don't need to worry about any standard settings like saved pre-defined responses, customizing the notifications or personalizing your agents' profiles.HelpCrunch is also designed for those who want to run applications requiring user authentication (log-in/sign-in). So if you're running a SaaS app, it can also help you with an in-app communication.

Customer support and onboarding to help you in managing the tool

The software does not provide any automated tutorial guiding you through the tool but its onboarding emails are quite helpful in understanding the software better and in discovering the offered features.I was also surprised by the extensiveness of its knowledge base, providing detailed step-by-step guides to every software's functionality.

Knowledge Base Software | HelpCrunch
HelpCrunch knowledge base

Even though HelpCrunch does not provide 24/7 support, it managed to handle our queries relatively quickly and provided us with a quick solution.

Functional and easy-to-use software for a decent price

Wrapping up our experience with HelpCrunch, it's a user-friendly and effective solution to help you communicate with your customers better. I was positively surprised by the way it can facilitate your multi-channel communication. You will likely not use it as a substitute to your mailbox, however, it's extremely helpful in streamlining communication with your visitors via multiple different channels. The option to follow-up automatically with a personalized email is very handy. In this way, you can simply make sure you continue communicating with your customers, even after the chat ends. Use it to make them come back to your website and have a memorable experience with your brand!

Installing HelpCrunch was more than easy and in case you're running a WordPress website, using a native plugin will make the installation even quicker. Still, the integration of the software with other platforms turns out to be quite limited and we're looking forward to seeing this area of HelpCrunch develop further.

HelpCrunch pros

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Automated messages
  • Easily installable, also if you want to place chat in iOS/Android app
  • User authentication (useful for websites with the sign-up/log-in)
  • Advanced chat functionalities (transfer, departments, visitor insight, emojis, pre-chat surveys, saved replies)
  • Outstandingly designed mobile apps

Things to improve

  • Basic reporting functionalities
  • Limited integrations
  • No 24/7 chat support
  • More automated email collection (instead of only a pre-chat survey)
  • No desktop apps
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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

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