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How we Improve Development Efficiency by 50% Operating in the Platform-based Model

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport. Several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

SoftwareSupp is a company that is created and developed with software users in mind, meaning our processes, features and the way we work have been dedicated to matching the precise needs of software users and professionals. What does it mean in practice? Whenever signing a contract with us, you get:

  • A dedicated software professional with know-how in specific field leading your software project
  • A dedicated project manager with experience in leading software projects
  • A platform to help you succeed in your software project, including:
    - Ticketing system (priorities, estimated delivery time, etc.)
    - Secure access sharing
    - Meeting/remote session system
    + a few more

But you might be wondering - why should you hire with us instead of hiring directly or with the help of another agency? And how do you claim to achieve +50% dev efficiency?

Well, that’s a question we’ve heard from many potential customers and we’ll be happy to showcase you some of our processes and the benefits of working with us that include:

  • Superfast project deployment and setup
  • Instant contact with a dedicated software professional and a project manager
  • Skipping the additional costs related to agreements, hiring, interviewing, and more

Focus on selected technologies

But before we go into the details of our processes and technology, let me tell you more about our profile and focus.

In SoftwareSupp, we focus on selected technologies, building our know-how about development issues in very specific areas. 

By focusing on selected software solutions, we can:

  • Build our knowledge base for specific software-related areas
  • Deliver fast-to-deploy solutions for customers (repeatable)
  • Keep our pricing competitive for customers
  • Deliver high-quality software content to customers
  • Build direct relationships and partnerships with software vendors

As a result, thanks to the focus on specific tech areas, we improve our internal efficiency, at the same time delivering improved development efficiency to our ultimate customers.

Optimizing your dev cost by tech-powered hiring

In SoftwareSupp, we’re a freelance-powered agency and we work with freelancers (sometimes small agencies) that have a confirmed track record working on the software configuration/integration.

To make this process more efficient, we’ve designed a scalable verification framework, allowing our experts/freelancers to get verified and connected to our system in less than 24h time.

That helps us speed up the onboarding and interviewing process that for some agencies can last even a few months. Thanks to our verification process and recruitment framework, at SoftwareSupp, our experts can join any existing project instantly, saving tons of time and cost related to manual processing, application forms, interviewing, and many more.

Shortening the time spent on launching the project

When you need dev support, you need it fast and delivered in a quality fashion.

Our verification process focuses on confirming skills in the very specific software area, including track record verification and vendor certification.

Also, when setting up the offers with our experts, they agree to get started with the project in 24h time from the launch, so you don’t need to worry about additional time spent on the project's launch.

Our platform delivers a set of features that are aimed to launch your project quickly and these include:

  • One-click agreement signing, including accepting the scope
  • Instant project created in the system based on the agreed scope, allowing you to communicate with your dedicated software professional and your project manager
  • Ticketing system with your project’s milestones (based on the defined scope) displayed and communicated clearly

Before we launch the project, we spend quite a significant amount of time dedicated to scoping your project and we provide a set of tools to make sure we plan the scope the right way, including:

  • Scoping session/sessions
  • Scoping form
  • Scoping negotiation tool (to be released, soon)

Important! If we’re not able to handle your project/work (e.g. no available resources), you will simply get an answer that we won’t be able to launch it for you, or we will request to give us some time to handle it.

Making sure your work is delivered on time, in a quality and customer-friendly way

We have a set of mechanisms that helps us deliver our services in a quality way.

One of them is the weekly NPS survey that is sent to every customer. As a result, shall any tech or non-tech issues arise in the project, customers can report it immediately and make sure that we react with the proper fix and solution.

Also, apart from our verification process, for all our projects, we deliver a safe escrow payment mechanism to make sure your payment is processed in a secure manner, based on completed work. This allows us to make sure the work is actually delivered, ensuring the contractors’ remuneration is protected, at the same time charging the customer on the actual project’s completion.

For all the projects we handle, you will be getting notifications about the completion and time of the milestone required to reach them. You can also check on the milestones anytime in your SoftwareSupp projects’ tab.

To sum up, we aim to make sure your work is always delivered on time, focusing on quality and ensuring an outstanding customer experience (we love to see our customers happy).

Your dedicated software professional

We deliver experts in the CRM, website,  e-commerce, marketing automation space, helping you succeed in your software projects. Once you launch any project with us, you’re getting a dedicated software professional with know how and track record in the area, responsible for the realization of previously agreed scope. This helps us ensure proper quality of services, often shortening the time to delivery.

You have constant access to your dedicated expert from the “Your project” tab, allowing you to chat, set up a meeting, submit credentials, or post a support ticket/task.

Also once you have your project completed, you can simply use your project tab to complete it and make sure your remuneration is processed securely.

Your project manager

Currently, for all the projects we run at SoftwareSupp, we provide our project manager to make sure the project is completed successfully and meeting the highest quality standards.

Your project manager is responsible for facilitating communication, ensuring the safe delivery of passwords/records, and handling any billing issues.

Also, your project manager will be happy to help you with any additional development requests you might submit to make the SoftwareSupp platform develop and become more and more tailored to your specific needs.

Project deployment case study

Let’s look into the typical project deployment process for an agency:

  1. Scoping - the scoping can take even 1 week to complete
  2. Offer preparation - 1 week, similarly to scoping, this can take up to 1 week
  3. Payment/negotiations - 1 week, depending on both parties' approach
  4. Project setup/access sharing - 1 week, depending on the quality of agency

From my experience, this process, depending on the experience and track record of an agency, can last between 2 and 4 weeks, with large costs involved in the setup process, later reflected in the ultimate price displayed to the customer.

Depending on the selected agency/contractor, the cost of the above for different services can range:

  • For website building:  $12,000 to $150,000, Souce: WebFX
  • For e-commerce stores: $10,000 to $500,000, Source: OuterBox
  • For CRM setup: $10,000 to $50,000, Source: ScieneSoft

Now, let’s look into the typical project deployment process with SoftwareSupp:

  1. Scoping - 1 day, this is done by your dedicated Consultant at SoftwareSupp or you can do it automatically by using our scoping tool.
  2. Offer preparation - 1 day, as long as we can complete your project and have the resources available, we provide offers for the services in 24h
  3. Payment/negotiations - instantly, you can settle the payment based on your preferences instantly, also you can discuss your scope/adjust the budget if necessary, immediately
  4. Project setup/access sharing - instantly, we provide a dedicated platform to make it happen and help you succeed in the process.

For most customers, we’ve deployed projects in less than 1 day from their initial project submission, saving their time on searching for a contractor and awaiting for their technology to be implemented.

For most projects we handle, we have so far managed to offer the pricing within customer's budget, providing an efficient way of project’s delivery, increasing the development efficiency for customers by more than 50%.

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

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