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How to manage your work efficiently through proper CRM platform development

Małgorzata Suchecka

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Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

This guide is a part of the below ultimate guides:
An Ultimate Guide to Integrating Your CRM to Grow Sales and Automate Work

CRM platform Integration

CRM focuses on the key business issues: the client, relations with both the client and co-workers, as well as data and process management. The CRM intagration strategy aims to build growing customer satisfaction by meeting their needs. The CRM platform enables the organization of sales and marketing processes, coordinates the work of various teams, and constitutes a coherent database. In this article, I will introduce you to the reasons which show that the CRM platform is a must.

61% of users stated that the CRM platform integration allowed for easier access to key information and customer data.

Pipedrive Implementation
Pipedrive Implementation for Lech Poznań by Patryk
“How you gather and use the information determine whether you win or lose”- Bill Gates on managing data & CRM Integration

We will help you identify your needs and adjust your CRM software. The amount of sales depends mainly on the effectiveness in reaching the customer. Only through the right software, actions, and reports, we can successfully identify our client. We are not able to develop business with the CRM platform itself, but let's take care of the employees' comfort. Let's make the work more enjoyable - import data to CRM to keep it in one place for efficient management.

There are over 400 CRM solutions on the market today. Each of them is very helpful for work and management, but only some of them suit your type of business. Every system contains various functions that affect work efficiency. The software must match the environment of the current system. Different solutions cost differently, it all depends on your budget and the size of the team. The most important features of CRM platform are contacts management, track interactions, and scheduling/ reminders options. Among the available systems, we can distinguish four of them, which are proven and recommended by customers.

Hubspot is free and focuses on optimizing lead conversion and keeping tabs on sales opportunities. It has a very intuitive dashboard and gives the ability to scale sales results. Here you can finds additional information about this software.

Zoho is a tool that focuses on working smarter, not harder, and has an AI-based sales assistant called Zia that responds to voice commands. It analyzes information collected in social media. Zoho has been described in details, here.

Pipedrive is intuitive and easy to use. Their support team is responsive and helpful. It has many lead generation and management features. It is equipped with a sales reporting tool and can be integrated with email.

Salesforce has a lot of available integrations and various tools for many branches of the business. At the moment, it is the most popular tool for managing customer relations.

Almost 50% of users confirmed that using the CRM platform had a significant impact on customer retention and satisfaction.

The SoftwareSupp client does not need to know which system to choose. We can help you select the appropriate software to meet the company's internal requirements. In such a situation, the customer receives a demo of the system and a description of the features. After making the final decision, setting the exact expectations, CRM integration begins. Of course, new issues may arise during the implementation. Then the expert, or the client, adds additional tasks. The project board is up-to-date on the project. At any time, the client can check the progress or contact the expert. Book a call, let us know your needs and we will do the rest.

Meeting system
Booking a call for software consultation

Lead scoring through CRM platform integration

30% is the potential sales growth with the use of proper lead identification.

A lead is a person or company that is interested in your product. A necessary condition is to leave contact details on your website or to show presence by clicking an interactive button. Leads can be divided into incoming ones, those from marketing campaigns (inbound lead), and more specific ones - those that are obtained through pre-sales activities (outbound lead).

Lead scoring implementation is necessary because it raises the sales results. A Salesforce developer may identify accounts most likely to convert and automate your marketing activities and grow your conversion rates. The same as Pipedrive Expert, which may automate lead input and distribution. To take advantage of this field, type in the contact form: CRM platform integration with lead sources. To create your CRM system from the beginning, it is worth focusing on defining the initial CRM setup, such as pipelines, custom fields, stages, labels. Do you know that potential leads browsing through your website can be automatically detected and inputted into your sales pipeline?

Recognizing your customers' channels will allow you to set up your marketing campaigns to get more customers. Isn't that what it's about to expand your reach?

Work Automation

Automating work will not only bring measurable benefits in the form of improved sales results but will also facilitate the work of your employees. Automation speeds up work. But that's not all; it also affects the quality of the services offered. Automating processes in the company reduces the number of generated errors or mistakes. What can you automate:

Mailing System

Proper template setup will ensure that the appropriate content is provided in every message. Setting up reminders and alerts makes it easier to plan the sending of messages and you will not have to remember to check your email inbox. Moreover, you can also set up email planning for this purpose. Thanks to this automation you will not miss any message. This will make it possible to reply to email within an hour. Also, automated email activities storage will let you analyze the efficiency of your mailing campaigns. With the job of a qualified specialist , you may receive integration of the email box of the entire organization. It will affect the quality of communication and the consistency of the content conveyed. Cooperation with experts gives the possibility to implement G Suite, Office Mailing, MailChimp, or a cold email software like Woodpecker that can help you connect with leads in a highly personalized way and bring in new business. Coherent and refined communication determines the professionalism of the company. In times of so much competition in the market, entrepreneurs must focus on such details. Otherwise, they will not be able to match their offer to more demanding clients.

CRM platform integrated with your email allows saving 1h or even more per day for manually typed emails.

Email strategy for KRWN
For this client, an Email Marketing Expert introduced the emails strategy

Automating processes will raise efficiency and increase satisfaction with the duties fulfilled. Productivity of team members can rise even by 50%.

Calling system

Calling can be synced and automated with the key cloud calling technology, like Cloudtalk or native Pipedrive’s calling feature. Integration with the calling system allows improving the quality of acquired data and increasing sales results. The system allows you to collect information about who checked the phone number and who called. Complete call history is very valuable in the context of checking lead channels. An expert may integrate the Twilio Calling System, create a ‘Call us’ button and allow you to follow your leads. Thanks to the automation of the calling system, you can make calls all over the world, create reports on calls made and generate automatic voice calls.

CRM integration benefits
Benefits of using CRM platform

Offers automation

Configuration and proper arrangement of the dispatch of offers and contracts require appropriate knowledge and experience. Templates must be refined. This will give you confidence in the professionalism of the content provided. Most importantly, this automation speeds up the time spent on assembling and enables you to monitor customers' activity. If you already have your system for submitting offers, you still may need training for employees to use this feature effectively. Automatic offers system allows you to run a catalog of goods and services with price lists, issue invoices, create any document workflows supplementing commercial and other activities carried out in the company, and much more.

Invoicing automation

Integration with invoicing tools will sort out invoices and organize the process of sending them. CRM platform can be integrated with custom accounting software integration, like Zoho books. Such an implementation will not only speed up the process but will also keep track of the accounting records. Order in invoices is very important, it allows you to quickly find and control the company's revenues.

Everyone develops at their own pace. That's why SoftwareSupp offers hourly assistance. In this case, the client decided that he would like to automate the invoicing process through appropriate integration. He bought an hourly plan for $ 300 and created a project by selecting a specific need from the list. Within 24 hours, he received an expert- Raj, which specializes in this area. The invoicing tool was implemented within a few days. The client left feedback that he would apply for help in data migration between systems in the next month.

Invocing tool integration
Integration with invoicing tool

Marketing automation

Managing your marketing activities is a complex process that requires good planning. Full integration of marketing processes includes:

  • Marketing software setup
  • Social Media Automation
  • SMS communication
  • Marketing analytics
  • Goals and site tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Auto-response setup
  • Dynamic content setup
  • Newsletter

A marketing automation platform, which is implemented to the website, monitors the behavior of visitors. It uses cookies for this. Then, it adjusts the advertising message to individual recipients. By assessing customer movements, we can determine the customer's quality. Personalization of activities makes us more effective. Why? Because we build a bond with the client, and he begins to feel attached to our brand. The deeper the relationship, the more we can adjust our offer to specific requirements. There are even more possibilities that improve the results of the marketing department. Tracking the customer's movements on the website allows refining the customer's path and simplify it. Thanks to these functions, we can get to know our customers and thus meet their requirements.

Database management

Importing data to CRM is the first step in CRM integration process. Use the right database to generate the potential list of customers to be approached with sales & marketing strategies. As we all know, databases are a business treasure and good management can enrich you. The CRM platform philosophy focuses on a long-lasting relationship with the client. In building loyalty, it is essential to continually deepen that bond. The collected information on the history of cooperation with the client is the best source of knowledge for the sales and marketing department. With an extensive database, you can search for customers through personalized filters.

Thanks to proper storage, which allows convenient management and filtering, you can increase the efficiency of operations even by 1.5 times.

Moreover, an efficient database structure enables integration with marketing campaigns. Their subsequent automation through, for example, email campaigns will not be possible without a structured customer base. Get started now and have your database integrated.

CRM integration for Telco
CRM integration for Telco by Marek

Analysis of data

Active data analysis leads to success. Automated email activities storage will let you analyze the efficiency of your mailing campaigns.

The ability to properly use your potential often determines your competitive advantage. Data analysis enables informed decisions based on accurate data about our clients. Benefits of creating and using data analytics

- lowering costs

- better understanding of the client

- disclosure of new business opportunities

- identification of inefficient processes

- stimulating development

- revenue growth

- identification of sales trends

If you are not satisfied with your sales results, A dedicated expert can increase your sales via Google Analytics Integration. On the project board, you will have the opportunity to add your marketing team and develop your company with them. The project board also allows you to observe the implementation of tasks assigned to the expert and contact at any time to discuss the delivered work. Moreover, it is also worth keeping the addresses of customers, which can later be used for planning company trips. Furthermore, the database can be customized to the requirements of a specific business. Ask our expert what database will be the best for your company and plan the labels together. You don't have to worry about project continuity. We guarantee that the project will be completed.

There is a lot at stake, so what are you going to do?

Bet on sustainable development. What does it mean? It means that when running a business, you take responsibility for the effort given by you and your workers. Proper planning of activities, budget, and work will bring you success. Automate processes, increase operational efficiency and create opportunities to reach more customers.

Integration with the calendar will remind you about CRM team training. Doesn't that sound like encouragement?

Implementation of CRM system
CRM platform integrations possibilities
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written by

Małgorzata Suchecka

Content Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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