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Setup & automation of CRM for subscription business

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

I'm an expert in​,​ Integromat and Systems Analysis with 6 years experience. I have extensive experience designing and building automated systems​,​ workflows​,​ automations and integrations.

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Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

Subscriptions are becoming incredibly popular, and every forecast predicts that this trend will not change soon. As this model grew in popularity, many software brands started to provide useful tools for managing it. With so much variety on the market, companies only need to choose the CRM for subscription business that best meets their requirements.

Our client, Schapira Medical Concierge, was precise about what they expected, but not sure which CRM would be the best fit. They considered, but were concerned if it would be possible to manage subscriptions with it.

Benefits of CRM for subscription business

Everyone is familiar with Netflix, Adobe, Spotify, or LinkedIn. Do you imagine them operating without the management tool that helps to organize users’ accounts, data and preferences, payment history, and automated messages? Most likely no.

A good CRM for a subscription business is one that can manage the entire process, or at least the majority of actions that must be performed. It improves efficiency and makes the company more scalable. Clients stay longer, and their relationship with the brand grows stronger.

On the other side, it also gives an excellent opportunity for upselling. Consider Amazon Prime Video. You buy access to the basic library of movies, but to watch some of them you need to pay extra. With a subscription model, it’s easier to estimate revenue and manage the cash flow. That’s what makes it very competitive compared to other business models.

Tim Little | & Integromat Expert

Tim Little's profile at SoftwareSupp

Setup & automation of CRM for subscription business – project details


  • Track signups, payments, and history
  • Pursue renewals for subscription service
  • Improve the efficiency of sales

Company: Schapira Medical Concierge

Project scope:

  • Setup workflows for subscription service with the following stages: signups, paid & up to date, renewals, canceled
  • Automate workflow stages
  • Automate tracking of payments
  • Automate email reminders for renewals to patients

Time of the project: 4 weeks 

Skills used: Business process analysis, automation & workflow setup, email automation, project management, quality assurance, and testing plan.

Setup of workflow

Schapira Medical Concierge approached SoftwareSupp with very precise requirements. For the start, the company needed to add data to CRM, such as names, the date the client signed up, payments history, and service expiration.

With this information in hand, the next step was to automate notifications. First, to keep employees informed, and second – to send emails to patients when they join the program or before the renewal.

A CRM expert was hired to build a workflow to track all subscription signups through the following stages:

  1. New sign-ups
  2. Activation and updates
  3. Renewals
  4. Cancelled subscriptions
Workspace Dashboard in CRM for subscription business

How CRM helps to manage subscriptions

The subscription model relies on automation, and CRM is all about that. You can organize, speed up and automate all necessary actions by using one tool. It helps to manage all communication and interactions between the company and clients. Every business using a subscription model needs to make sure that the process is fast, simple, and effortless. Otherwise, users will quickly switch to the competition’s services.

New sign-ups

First 24 hours after the client decides to use services are the most important. The relationship between the company and the client must begin right away. Schapira Medical Concierge needed to track payments, gather information about new patients, and onboard them. At this very first stage, it helps them in avoiding a situation in which the client is unsure of the next actions to take or how to properly use the service.

Paid subscriptions

Not everyone who registers on the platform makes the payment. That’s why it’s critical to exclude in CRM news signups from paid customers. Although it is obvious that only subscribers may use the service, reminders should be sent to individuals who abandoned the cart. Subscription usage history will also help with tracking the user behavior, personalization, and development of a long-standing relationship.


People are just people, and they tend to forget things. It’s always a good idea to remind them about the upcoming membership renewal. The client needed automated reminders and tracking payment collection to be organized in Entering this information into CRM simply saves time. Employees don’t have to send separate messages or remember who else needs to pay.

Canceled subscriptions

Last but not least. The customer who canceled the subscription might always come back. Tracking reasons for cancellation helps to establish what needs to be improved, fixed, or changed. Also, the communication with clients doesn’t end when they cancel. In this case, patients that resigned from the subscription were moved to a separate email list. That allowed to send them messages designed precisely to reactivate them.

Results of choosing CRM for subscription business

Subscription business requires more automation than any other sort of business. The data flow has to be extremely organized, and the communication must stay intact.

The expert integrated subscription management into single software to track each patient's subscription journey. He provided a scalable system and process for managing Schapira Medical Concierge processes. It enabled business intelligence reporting on subscription success and renewal for the custom bespoke process. Using CRM and implementing automated reminders for medical subscriptions, increased customer engagement and a number of renewals.

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written by

Tim Little & Integromat Freelancer at SoftwareSupport

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