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Using Software Tools for Conversion Optimization

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Project Manager & co-founder at SoftwareSupp with several dozens of projects successfully co-ordinated in the Project Management role.

written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Michael Karas | SoftwareSupp Project Manager

I bet your website is full of valuable content, placed in different spots. Have you ever wondered how to engage the user with the things you make? It's easier than you think.

If you run a blog, have written an e-book, or even an instruction of a washing machine, you have a great resource for content, that the users are looking for. The only thing you need is a solid distribution channel. Social media? Yes! But there's more…

Have you heard of landing pages and lead capture tools? If not, I'll show you below the examples of those tools and with them, with almost no effort, you might improve the site's conversion and get selling leads!

Conversion - it is a determined, expected action done by a receiver, potential client in response to advertising campaign targeted at him on the Internet or SEO actions. E.g. conversion can happen if your customer purchases your product or downloads an eBook.

But it's not all! Apps, that I'll be writing about, are available in SaaS model. With them, you'll be able to build a complex environment to run your business, by connecting them to CRM, your mailbox, mailing automation tools and many others. Let's begin.

What are landing pages?

A Landing Page is a simple website, created for the advertising and marketing campaigns in order to gain customers.

The user will find himself on this site after clicking on your Google AdWords campaign. He/she can also come from Facebook Ads, link in the newsletter or arrive simply by browsing the internet.

TIP! It's not a problem to set your landing page as your home page - you create, publish, position and you're done.

What's the purpose of a landing page?

Drawing visitor's attention to separated content may result in leaving his e-mail, downloading an e-book, visiting your website or buying your product.

Maybe you're wondering, why would you need the landing page, while having e-book tabs on your home page? Yes, but home page has a lot of tabs or information and the user is often confused and can't find, what he's looking for.

TIP! Precise message and transparent content make landing pages effective.

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How to take advantage of landing pages?

There are many ways of applying landing pages, it just depends on you, how you'll use it and what contest it will bring to the user. Most popular ways are:

1. E-books and guides distribution - the user visits your landing page and leaves his e-mail address to download the material.

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2. Signing up for a webinar, registration for events - the user fills in the form.

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3. Recruiting form - you get basic data and detailed information. Linkedin

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4. Product promotion - you build the visibility of a specific product online.

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Now you know what landing pages are! Although seeing its professional examples may make you think, that IT skills and expertise are required to create such site. You couldn't be more wrong. It's child's play, moreover, apps like Landingi are there to help you.


Landingi App is an editor, that allows to easily create professional landing pages. And all of that with experts' help.What makes Landingi different is support and facilities offered by the editor. On their site, you can find the Guides, Video Materials, Directions, which enable you to get to know all of the editor's secrets. They'll tell all about making the perfect landing page.Landingi is an affordable solution. The price of its basic version is incomparable to other ones, like Instapage's.

You can also connect Landingi with other applications you use on a daily basis, like Pipedrive or LiveChat.

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Instapage is a user-friendly landing pages editor. Its interface is very PowerPoint alike - all of the necessary functions are placed on the top bar, it only takes one click to turn it on.

Creating a landing page you can add different elements, such as forms, shapes, photos, films, buttons, even a clock. You'll find every detail you need to create a unique target site.

Layouts of landing pages draw attention, because of minimalistic and professional appearance. It's another advantage of landing pages apps. There is more than a hundred of them, but it's no different from any other page builders…What's worth gaining your attention, it's the rich analytical possibilities. A/B Tests enable the analysis of the efficiency of various systems or published sites forms.

TIP! Heat maps read users behavior on the site, which allows you to conclude how to adapt the site for users' needs.

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How to create a landing page?

All you need is an idea. If you don't have it yet, it's not a problem - the apps offer templates made for user's needs, you can use them in your campaign.

Have you ever used tools for creating presentations, like PowerPoint or Prezi? They use drag & drop interface, which means you choose an element, drag it to the place on the slide of your choosing and drop. Nothing difficult about that, don't you agree?

Drag, drop and done!

Landingi works just like that. Widgets like photos, video, forms or shapes are placed on the editor's left bar. You can add them to target site's template by clicking and dragging it in any place you want.

You can personalize your fonts, change the transparency of pictures or texts, add effects - all that is in options' panel, on the right side of the screen.

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TIP! While creating the landing page, don't forget about the form, after all the user is supposed to leave his data there. Also, it's a good idea to make sure your form is GDPR compliant.

The form, as everything else, you can edit as you wish, e.g. by leaving the place for name, e-mail address or shoe size.

Step by step… Site after conversion

It's almost done! Next step is to prepare "site after conversion" - the displayed site, while user fills the form and clicks "send".You can put there thanks for filling the form or downloadable materials, like an e-book.Lead from your form is sent to leads' base on your Landingi account. Thanks to the apps' integrations it may also be sent to your mailbox or a CRM.

TIP! Remember! Landing pages possibilities are unlimited! It just depends on you, how you'll use them.

More users' involvement? Lead capture apps

You already know, that your site is visited every day, but the users don't get to find the most valuable content. Lead capture tools can keep them for longer.

Lead capture apps are a great way to engage the user visiting your site, get his e-mail or encourage him to recommend it.I assure you are familiar with this tools' modes of action and you use them all the time.

These are the pop-ups and smart bars, which contain subscription encouragement, sale offer, e-book downloading invitation, feedback request, etc.

It's hard not to pay attention to such messages. Especially when they suddenly appear and cover the whole screen with information. I'm not going to lie, I've left my e-mail address more than once in such form. But on the other hand, very often it's so annoying!

TIP! Pop-ups are not Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

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Sumo and Poptin may help you with conversion increasing by using pop-ups.


Poptin is a pop-up editor, which allows you to create dialogs, shared on your site to increase users' involvement.TIP! Set the displaying options - when, where, for whom and how the dialog is to be shown, e.g.: pop-up, that comes up when the user wants to leave the site.When you personalize your pop-up, the app will generate a line of code to paste on your site. It also contains the analytics presenting number of displayed dialogs, leads that came up, and so on.

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I think Poptin is for everyone, not just because it's simple - it has no unnecessary functions, so it serves as what it was made for, which is pop-ups creator. And Poptin is the best of them all.


It's one of the best lead capture apps, that allows you to prepare, launch and analyze pop-up campaign.

The first contact with Sumo might be a little overwhelming. After logging in, there appear many bars presenting available functions.It only takes a moment to start moving around the site smoothly. Some of the functions you can find there: pop-ups edition, contact forms or share buttons. Analysis of utilization built-in graphs, integration with other analytical tools like Google Analytics or others, is something you can use later.Sumo's function may be divided into 4 sections:

1. Creating a typical pop-up form, encouraging to subscribe, download e-book, promoting the material of your blog and also creating a contact form to your site, which allows the users to leave a message for you.

2. Share buttons - you may configure them as you want, e.g. putting a link to your social media, which are supposed to show up on your site.

3. Sumo enables you to set your own live chat dialog. The app combines a surprisingly high number of functions.

4. Analysis and heat maps - Sumo has a panel, where company's statistics are available. Heat maps also are interesting. They let you test the traffic on your site, so you can adjust it to your users' needs.

TIP! Integrate Sumo with Google Analytics, so you could have some of your data displayed on Sumo's interface.

It's time to create your own pop-up.Is it difficult? Of course not! Just like landing page builders, lead capture tools are available for everyone, all you need is an idea.

5 steps to getting your pop-up

1. Choosing the campaign's target, data personalization, CTA on our form.

2. Design - choosing of shapes, colors, fonts.

3. Pop-up display settings.

4. Integration with mailing automation tools (like CRM).

5. Publishing on your site.

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Lead capture tools improve conversion. It's hard to miss the form popping up, just before you wanted to leave the site. It's worth to remember, their power is an effective call to action and the message, they bring.

Automate workflow coming from landing pages and lead capture tools

Sumo, Landingi, Poptin are the apps working in SaaS model. This enables numbers of possibilities, making your everyday work more effective.

Automation is for saving your precious time! E.g. importing leads from Landingi takes just two clicks. Leads gained with landing page's help will appear on your selling pipeline without the long and boring process of copying and pasting every contact separately.

Why are integrations a step forward?

Integration Sumo with MailChimp is a first step to automate the marketing in your company. Because of that integration lead from the site gets into MailChimp, from which it is automatically sent as a newsletter.

LiveChat speech bubble appearing on your Landingi landing page. Their integration is very easy, all you need to do is to copy a line of code and paste it in Landingi's editor. With this, you'll gain a direct contact with a client and you'll be able to answer the questions quickly.

Track the visitors of your website and take advantage of the data

Another effective way to improve your conversion rates is detailed tracking of visitors coming to your website to identify leads which are more or less likely to convert. Cloud software can be more than helpful in this process:

E.g. Albacross is a web-based B2B lead generation platform. It helps users to identify and track the companies that are visiting their websites.

Account Based Marketing — Albacross
Albacross software to track visitors

Albacross helps you automatically generate leads by providing you with such data as what companies have been on your site, pages they have visited, what they are up to, etc.

Based on this info, your sales teams can develop working strategies for reaching out to your leads.

Besides that, you can export your targeted leads to your computer or to any of the CRM systems. Albacross is fully integrated with Zapier, which makes it possible to connect your website's data with thousands of other software solutions.

All the targeted leads can be exported either to your computer or to any of CRM platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. Zapier integration feature makes it possible to connect your site to thousands of different applications.

The new art of marketing -a way to fix the conversion

In past few years, as an effect of many changes in marketing and sales, new ways of getting a client are more and more important. From the business's point of view, the art is no longer to create a traffic on the site, but it's Conversion And Optimization.

Today introduced SaaS tools will definitely help you do that. That's why start building a better tomorrow for your company right now.

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written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

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