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Competency-based interview in our recruitment process

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

HR specialist with several years of experience working in the IT recruitment.

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Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

The recruitment and selection process of appropriate staff is one of the most important and costly investments an organization can make. The exercise of recruitment is very expensive, even when you hire the right person. The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the earnings of the employee in the first year (US Department of Labor and Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans.).

But what is the real cost of highly specialized experts?

The real cost of employee turnover based on experience level:

  • Entry-level employees - between 30-50% of the annual salary to replace them
  • Mid-level Employees - upwards of 150% of their annual salary to replace them
  • High-level or highly specialized employees - 400% of their annual salary (ERE Recruiting Intelligence.)

What is more, your business loses not only money, but also time and effort by recruiting, hiring, and training people who don’t fit the role well. 

Hiring Softwaresupp’s expert means the recruitment problems off

We believe that through the entire matching process, a properly designed expert and customer experience are what lets all sides (customer, SoftwareSupp, and expert) make a well-informed decision on whether they’ll be a good professional match. How do we handle the process of project verification? 

The first stage of the project match consists of:

  • Review of professional experience in similar projects
  • Know-how and skills required by the customer
  • Any additional skills and qualification based on customer needs
  • Financial expectations 
  • Availability of the expert and the start date of the project
  • Timeline and scope of the project

This is the first step matching process session. It lasts for 30 minutes.

Perfect match based on a competency-based interview. How does it work in practice?

We use a Competency-Based Interview approach. This is a structured series of questions aimed at eliciting evidence of a candidate's behavioral fit against specific job-related competencies. It is a simple and most common concept in recruitment process verification. Thanks to this, we have a proven track record of achieving optimal and outstanding results for our customers. 

What makes the competency-based interview valuable and reliable in our project match process? Questions, which are:

  • related to specific behaviors that have been linked to successful performance on the job; 
  • approach, that we do not ask the candidate to describe how they would respond in a particular situation or event - that is, they do not ask for hypothetical thinking and responses from the candidate; 
  • the rule that we ask the candidate to describe what they have done, what behaviors they have used, in a certain situation or event which has occurred in the not too distant past. 

The next step is being time-limited and lasting 30 minutes. 

We have a focus on the 5 most-wanted competencies among our customers:
  • customer-oriented focus
  • communication adaptability 
  • solving-problems skills
  • goals-oriented approach
  • project management skills

For each competence, we design a series of questions to track the desired experience and behaviors in the project. All session is lasting 60 minutes and gives us valuable takeaways about experts’ professional experience. 

In SoftwareSupp, we start the recruitment process by verifying the authenticity of the expert’s profile. Our experts need to confirm their identity by submitting appropriate information and documents. Only after this stage, experts find their way to SoftwareSupp base and have their accounts.

On the expert’s profile, you will find out how many projects the expert has completed, how many years of experience he/she has, what he/she specializes in, and what are his/her skills. The information also includes the history of orders, recommendations from other clients, and official certificates from suppliers of software with, which the expert works. (Our experts don’t need to be certified by software vendors but if they are, they are getting an additional verification badge).

Thanks to the certificates and verification system performed by SoftwareSupp, you can be sure that your order will be carried out by a real professional. We verify our experts by checking on their presented skills, experience, and social profiles. For selected projects, we run a recruitment process, checking on the proper skills and experience match. The recruitment might involve a skill test and/or interview process.

All these activities mean that the SoftwareSupp database includes the best specialists in given software.
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written by

Klaudia Żmuda

People and communication-oriented specialist

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