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How this consulting business has grown its productivity 2x with cloud SaaS CRM & SoftwareSupp Expert

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport. Several years of experience in advisory, finance, and marketing for international businesses.

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

Time of the project: 1 month
  • CRM configuration
  • Data migration
  • CRM training and introduction

Effect: CRM implementedin a small business

Expert realizing the service:
Matt Pliszka, SoftwareSupp Pipedrive Expert

Today's modern SaaS cloud technology makes things simple, accessible and effective.It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a project management tool, a CRM system or communication software. It's a matter of weeks or even days to make the right technology work in any business, even if your team already counts several dozens of team members. So how to implement the right technology, automating your work, saving more time for yourself and helping grow a business faster? Let's look at one of our customer's stories, who, by implementing the right software solution has finally switched from ineffective Excel spreadsheets, has improved communication with customers and has grown its team productivity by 2x.

The content

1. CAG changing technology
2. CAG optimizing processes
3. Software consulting for every business

Changing old habits and technology to become more effective

Changing daily habits is tough and it's not easy to simply start doing our routine tasks in a new way.However, with today's modern cloud solution it's worth to consider applying some changes and innovations to the way you work.And it's not about introducing processes and procedures, it's simply about becoming more effective and improving the overall team's communication.According, to Edward MacDonald, a Managing Partner at CAG:

We used to rely heavily on our Excel Spreadsheet whenever planning processes for our customers. But we've come to the bottleneck when we had all our contact and projects' data stored in many different spreadsheets and I found myself searching for items in different Excel files, simply to copy them to the new one.
excel-vs-crm-blog-post3 - Blog | Agovo CRM Software Consultants

CAG was at the point where it needed to introduce some kind of a knowledge/contacts sharing system to make sure they're able to manage their resources better.

I travel a lot and opening different files and emails while I'm on road has been really frustrating.
Edward MacDonald, President at CAG, a Consulting Company
That's when I encountered SoftwareSupp and their Software Consultant telling me more about how one of their software solutions - Pipedrive can actually help me manage everything I do in one place, still keeping all our customers and investors' data secure.

With a cloud CRM solution - Pipedrive, CAG was on the right track to switching from Excel to CRM and managing the contacts and customers more effectively, saving tons of time and resources.

The new way of work with a cloud CRM software

CAG decided to transfer all the data from its excel files to the Pipedrive CRM system, where it could manage all the contacts and investors in one place.According to Edward:

All we needed to do was simply send the spreadsheets to our software consultant at SoftwareSupp. With the proper confidentiality agreement in place, he did all the work for us.Within a few hours, we had a modern cloud solution filled in with our customers and contacts details, ready to be used in the next projects.

Introducing a CRM into its daily workflow of CAG has been a major milestone for the organization, growing its team's productivity, improving the communication and likely, turning CAG into way more competitive business in the consulting industry.

Stanisław Bielicki, M&A Analyst at CAG:
We had this problem with communication, where one team member would put some notes about a client or investor and others would not know about it.
Now, our team has an effective access to the CRM and customer accounts. The way we communicate internally and with customers has changed massively. E.g. when meeting with our customers, I just open our CRM and show them the status of their projects.
Activities & Goals Management | Pipedrive

It's not only about the notes but also about shared activity planning. With Pipedrive any team, especially the one working remotely, can plan their events/calls/email better, improving collaboration and productivity

According to Stanisław:

Now, we schedule events within our Pipedrive CRM. They automatically appear in our Google Calendar, also on our mobiles.The more activity we do within Pipedrive, the more data we gather about our work. I'm pretty sure we're going to use this data to optimize how we manage and allocate our resources and communicate with customers, soon.
Insights Dashboards – Knowledge Base

With Pipedrive gathering all the information about the activity, it became a massive source of information for business decisions, providing CAG with insight into the actual efficiency of its actions.Now it also acts as a base for optimizing any further processes within CAG, like mailing automation or HR management as the CRM can be easily connected to other cloud software solutions.

Software & technology consulting at every business's fingertips

Implementing a CRM system, even within several people's team seems to be a complicated task. After all, any technology change or innovation requires a joint effort and switching our daily routine.However, in SoftwareSupp, we believe that running an organization with new technology is easier and saves a lot of time. That's why we provide quick, affordable and innovative technology, and software consulting to small and medium businesses at scale.

Well, SoftwareSupp Software Consultants basically did most of the implementation process for us, providing all information about the software, configuring the solution and working with us very closely on a daily basis.They provided us with a complete training on using the solution and regularly checked if everything works fine with our team using the software.They are like the part of our team, very committed and always looking for ways to improve our processes and save us time.

Technology and software consulting tend to be associated with large, capital-intensive companies, ready to afford significant investment put into the newest technological solutions.Not anymore. At SoftwareSupp we're bringing technology consulting to the new level, where every business can afford having its own personal software consultant, either online or on-site, working closely with the team.We're working with our customers via live chat, video chats, screen sharing and calls to make sure the right technology is in place to help you grow your business faster, saving more time for yourself.--

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written by

Matt Pliszka

Customer Acquisition at SoftwareSupport

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