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3 Project Management Tools and Techniques to Grow

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Project Manager & co-founder at SoftwareSupp with several dozens of projects successfully co-ordinated in the Project Management role.

written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

Teamwork skill is one of the most desirable ability in the labor market. A good team, acting in partnership, capable of sharing the responsibilities has been and will always be the key to success of many enterprises.

The competences of an individual team member are crucial for the prosperity of the whole project. As is known people who are the part of the team supplement each other, what often results in achieving the objective, namely finish the project.

Bearing in mind the important role of people, I decided to take a look at the cloud apps, which in better or worse way are helpful to manage everyday issues, which show up during subsequent projects.

Everyone who has ever worked in a team knows, that in some situations well-chosen team is not sufficient. Why? Because there comes up a need for optimal conditions to be completely efficient. So, let’s take a look at a few tools which are able to provide relevant assistance. Their best feature is a user-friendly interface with a wide variety of functions, which are easy to adapt in every way of working.

Perfect organization and project management at your fingertips

What came to my mind when I think about making a list of tasks? Trello, of course. It accompanies me mainly on day-to-day work, but not only. How can it be useful? You can start with making a simple to-do list for your team, ending with multi-purpose platform, that through a few easy integrations is turning into your „command” center. There are other popular ways of using this cloud app outside work, like making a shopping list.

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Trello - project management tool

More information about how Trello works you can find in the previous article — How switching from Excel to CRM app will help you grow

Despite the Trello phenomenon, I decided to look at an alternative application which performs a basic function of the project management, as good as Trello or even better.

Let’s look at Asana — cloud app, which allows you to make a to-do list. Assign them to particular team members and have a discussion about the task at the same time. Thanks to Asana every action or status change is immediately communicated to other team members by e-mail or notifications directly from the application.

Supporters of the board interface, which is known for Trello or Basecamp, don’t have to worry, because Asana offers the same solution. In addition, there is a possibility to show a preview of all tasks from a calendar, what’s facilitation when you have many different deadlines.

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Asana interfact

Asana and Trello are the most popular project management solutions created for helping people organize their time at work in the best way. Both ensure wide functionality, easy operation, and attractive interface. If I had to choose I’d choose Trello, but only because the interface design appeals to me the most.

Team communication can be pretty simple

Good communication is an absolute cornerstone of teamwork. Which why I couldn’t miss Slack — online communicator, which helps you to create a workplace for your employees. Any discussion, any files appeared in Slack is archived, then it can be found through a smart search engine.

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Message display - Slack

Ok, you already know what Slack is, and perhaps you’re wondering how Slack helps in your everyday work. Certainly, you use internal comm for communication and e-mail to transfer your docs. Then you don’t see a need to use any additional tool.

However, Slack gives you the opportunity to save time, gain constant access to the latest technology, without a need for arduous installation a software and long-term implementing employees. Slack simplify that process — when you need to add somebody new to the internal conversation, just send him an invitation to the channel.

Slack is much more than a simple communicator…

The possibility of a connection between the Slack and many other applications turns out incredibly important. Slack becomes a multivariate platform, where you have the preview of other tools. This way, you can follow the progress of each implementing projects and the actions taken for that purpose.

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Asana & Slack integration

If you use for example Pipedrive, Salesforce — apps enabling sales management (CRM), then you can connect them with Slack. With one click you can share data from particular transactions, without the need of copying, making screenshots, sending e-mails…

Videoconferences in a new dimension

For a long time I’ve been searching for an alternative for Skype, that won’t require me an installation, and in addition, the quality of the transmission will be at a reasonable level. As it turned out, I found a solution in the cloud, that is

The beginning of the video conference using Whereby is very simple — you need to open this cloud app in search engine, and then generate page address, where you can find your video room. The final step — send the address to your co-worker and start making a video meeting.

Image for post
Whereby rooms

Whereby gives you the possibility to talk to twelve different employees at the same time. Moreover, there is a chat, where you can share files and documents. The function „screen sharing” is the easiest way to share content from your computer in a video conversation.

In addition, Whereby offers a few interesting connections. For example, a connection with Trello lets you open a card from Trello and carry out direct activities and making a conversation at once. What happens when you connect and Slack? You can make a video meeting directly from Slack, even without opening

While using Whereby I haven’t encountered any problems with a stuttering image or sound distractions. They are clear and smooth. If you are looking for an efficient solution to video conversations, which save your time and money (version up to a maximum four person is free) is very much worth trying.

Cloud means progress and agile project management

A company, which applies modern technologies works more quickly and efficiently. As is well known, the more company is developed, the more complex business processes are taking place. These days it is not necessary to use a complicated system in order to operate these processes. It wouldn’t make any practical or economic sense, because applications in the cloud are much easier to use and the traditional tools are significantly more expensive (require specific training in using them, which costs).

Trello, Asana, Slack or, are the greatest examples of simple and intuitive cloud solutions. Their flexibility allows integrating with other applications. As a result, user or team can personalize them and adjust to actual needs and tasks.

Every company has its own, specific processes, which despite its individuality can be handled by applications equipped with intelligent tools. Their undeniable advantage is simplicity which helps you grow your business.

There is no doubt that the effect of teamwork is reflected in the level of competitiveness in the market. And there is nothing better in improving the teamwork than appropriate tools.

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written by

Mike Karas

Project Manager at SoftwareSupport

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